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Virginia Library Dated 1882

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This is the Rapidan library with a sign out front dating it to 1882. The town was and is very small(pop 30, not counting animals) and this building is one room maybe 15ft by 20ft. Its pretty cool they had their own library then. Good for them.


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They could spel but I have a problem, tho.


I tried looking up some information on this and there is nothing I can find on the net. The Rapidan, as you know, was a very crossed river by both the North and the South during the Civil War and even then it was not a very populated area. I will keep looking but if you can get a little more information on it that would be of assistance. Lovely building Warbler.


But could they spel?


You can tell what is important to the people of Rapidan. :) My type of place.


I wondered about that too, Dondi. There is a large old vacant mill and dam in this town, still, on the Rapidan River. My thought was when this mill was up and running, the owning wealthy family might have donated it to the town, which may have been built around the mill. Just speculation, tho.


Interesting. It has a number of elements in common with the Victorian Martha's Vineyard cottages (gable detail, shingle over clapboard, Gothic arch in the porch treatment (which is why, I think, we think "church"), details over the windows. I'd love to know what they stocked the library with; a library that small would have been pretty limited.

Lovely little library! :-) Thanks for posting!


Wonderful shot. Looks just like a Church. Thanks, Warbler.

Thanks so much for telling us where these lovely buildings are located. I'm always curious about them.




Any town that small that cared enough about books to build any library at all, let alone such a beautiful one, is a town I'd love to live in!


Me too Chickie. I drove by it a hundred times, thinking it was the smallest church in the US. Only when I put another photo of it on Jigidi and enlarged it did I see the library and date sign. This photo showed the detail better though.


At first I thought it was a church. It is a beautiful little building.