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Happy Valentine's Day! (small)

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156 solves
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The image in the center was used to make all of the surrounding kaleidoscopes.


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Thank YOU, Mimi! I hope your's is lovely, too!


Thanks so much for the adorable Valentine. have a lovely day!


Thanks so much, Gail! They always made me so happy to get them as a child. In today's world you can even special order them to say anything you want. Some of them are unbelievable!


Such a sweet puzzle, Jan! I remember these as melting in your mouth and being pure sugar. Mm-mm good.


Happy V-Day, Jan! Glad you enjoyed the low-cal treat!

Edie - sometimes puzzles just don't go as fast as you want. But, enjoy them anyway. Putting these in your kids lunches was a sweet thing to do!

Thanks so much, Liane! Have a great day!


Happy Valentine's Day to you too Jan .
Very Sweet puzzle .


This is so cute. Reminds me of how I used too put these in the kids lunches as sweet little messages.
Terrible time though. Couldn't make heads or tails out of anything. Hopefully will have another go at it later. Thanks


Yummy Valentine candy.


You are all so sweet! In fact, you're as sweet as this puzzle! LOL
May each of you be with the person/people that you love and enjoy your time together!
Happy Valentine's day to all!


Oh, lordy, even when you don't use a song reference, someone else manages to bring one up! HELP! :-)))

Very pretty--love the way the top center looks like Chinese or maybe Sanskrit script, especially! Thanks, Jan!


Such a sweet heartfelt puzzle! Thanks for all the hearts Jan!


What sweet fun this was! Love the Asian effect that you got with the top middle. Several of them look like they could be valentine clocks... :-D (and the subliminal references to ABBA in the bottom middle had me singing ...Jan, you're my kind of girl! LOL)


Thanks, Jan! Loved it!


Such a fun puzzle! Thank you, Jan!


Aaw, sweetie... you gave us sweeties!! And calorie free too, how thoughtful! :-) I'll save one of these for Freddy who is feeling very sorry for himself.

ps, love the purple people, middle right! :-))


With the real Valentine feeling, Love. Thanks and hugs. Happy Valentine too.