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I Had Too Many Dreams Last Night! (medium)

81 pieces
210 solves
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With a nod to jcarroll for the title. Thanks, JC!


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Thanks, Hanne! :)

Mariasha - I'm glad you like them! Thank YOU!

Spectacular colors on this one Jan! Thanks.


You are lucky, they are beautiful, Jan!! Thanks so very much!!


Ardy - thank you so much! These were kaleidoscopes of an image I had "morphed" long ago. You may see THAT image before long.

Barb - I am so GLAD! But, you did miss a few with blue in them! LOL. I'm happy you had fun! Thanks!


Wow, love this, Jan! Particularly like the top left corner, the middle right, and the lower middle. A little tricky to solve but worth it once one sees the results. :-)


Looks like a great number of lovely reams to me, Jan. If I had to choose a favorite it would be the bottom right followed by the one above it. But there are several others too - like all the rest of them. Thanks, Jan. Wonderful dreams.