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New Geometrics.... (S)....

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124 solves
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Thank you, Shirley... I thought the patchworks would be the hardest part, but they weren't.... It's difficult to keep coming up with something different... But it's sure fun trying.... Thanks again, mate.... :) :)))))


Fun puzzle, Sally, I love the two patchwork inserts too, didn't see them until I solved the puzzle, Thanks Sally. :):)


Yes, you can Mimi... 'Square', 'circle', 'triangle'... 'Pie'... Oops wrong Pi.... See I have trouble too... Someone once told me 'Pie are round, cornbread are square'... So my geometrics is a little wobbly... If this puzzle makes you happy... Your RS is happy too.... Thanks my QORE.... :) :)))))))


Glad you enjoyed the puzzle, Josie... Life is good on the road.... The bucket list is pretty long, so we have to keep moving.... So much to see and do.... Happy and healthy as one can be at our age... Thanks for the 'Be well', you too Be well, Josie dear.... :) :))))


Thank you, Francine... Different patterns and treatments in a simple grid... I really like using this format for creating puzzles... I have your 'Severed Disk' and the 'Flower' with the stained glass background and gradient bookmarked along with a zillion others... Sometimes I just have to admire beautiful works from the thumbnail... Which is not really fair, but as you know life gets in the way.... Such good fun playing with Elements... Glad you enjoyed this one, Francine.... :) :)))))


Edie, you do have a lot of dependents... I'm really enjoying the show and watching them hatch and grow.... Is it possible to claim them on your tax return... Have fun with your chickies and enjoy the next size up... Thank you for the lovely compliment... Big smile here.... :-D :-D


I don't know how to talk geometrics, new or old, but I am fond of bright colors dear RS, so this puzzle made me very happy!


Sally, I was here, and totally enjoyed this. Miss you dear, thank you. We used to communicate before you took to the road, I hope you are totally happy with your life, it is good to know that you are really living. Be well my friend.


Thanks, Sally; this was fun with so many little details to take in. (1:50)


This was such a little teaser, not sure if I can wait to do the next size. Fun colours and designs, some look like fabric. I may just go check on my dependents and come back for a bigger helping :-)))
Thanks Sally, really love your puzzles.


You're more than welcome, Leet... Do you have a favorite type of puzzle??? Its good to know what solvers like, helps with the creative juices.... Thanks again for commenting.... :) :))))

Thanks for your puzzle.....enjoyed it!