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A Belated Happy Birthday to Gaillou: Jigidi`s Newest Kaleido Kween!! ~ Small

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108 solves
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For now! But wait 'til the real speedsters come to town. Then I'm going' down! LOL


What a great ad. Thanks for sharing it with me. You did clean up after yourself ~ four #1s in a row!


LOL Gail. That reminds me of a workplace safety ad that runs here, where a father gets home, and his kids barely lift their eyes from the television. But the dog greets him enthusiastically. Here's the ad, and the bit I'm talking about is at about the 18 second mark. It's a corker!!

And I'm glad you enjoyed Gail's yarn. I've just been having a fun time playing at your place while you were here at mine. I made a bit of a mess of your jigsaws. But I cleaned up after myself. LOL


Boy oh boy, there are times when I wish I had a dog to fawn over me and run around in circles when I come home. I come home, and the cats look up and say "oh, you're home", and then go back to snoozing.

Great puzzle, Kirsten.

Happy birthday Gail. I hope your day was special and that you, speaking of milking, milked it for all it was worth.


That's good news, Hester. I know what you mean about milking it for what it's worth. Duncan carries on like he's had an amputation at a paper cut. And a cold is like pleurisy! LOL. Although, that's not really fair, when your friend had a hip op. Which is pretty darn serious.

I love that visual of Freddy bringing his bed to you. Hilarious. I love dogs.

And my weather has been fantastic so far. Although I think there will be a change today. But I don't mind. If it's a bit miserable occasionally, I'll feel less guilty about being on Jigidi!! LOL. Now, I'd best pop over and see your pics. :)))


Hi Kirsten! Patient is recovering thankyou, having milked it for all it was worth. But then that's men for you! LOL Freddy was so excited to see us he couldn't decide which present to bring us so he dragged his meter square fleece bed to the door! He kept tripping over it but his tail was high and wagging and he was immensely pleased with his gift! We're lucky that ,being a herding breed Freddy doesn't want to go AWOL. He just wants to be close to us and keep his "pack" together!
I'm so glad you are having a well deserved break. I hope that the weather holds for you. We had lovely weather in York ( spot the unnaturally blue November skies in my pics of the Minster!) and have even brought some of it home to Wales.

Looking forward to seeing the pastel yarns :-)) Enjoy yourself!


You're back, Hester!! How's the patient? And I bet Freddy was excited to see you. I love that moment when your dog is so excited to see you that they run all over the place. As kids we used to live on a large property without fences. And one day our dog wandered, and was picked up by the ranger. So we had to go and bail her out of the pound. She was so excited to see us, that on the way home, she jumped out of the car window!!! (While we were stationary I might add) LOL Hilarious.

But back to the puzzle. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. And I love that turquoise one too. The yarn image that it came from was very bountiful and I got a lot of kaleidos from it, in a range of colours. They are all divine. I'll be making another puzzle with softer colours too, which I think is just as lovely. I can't wait to post it! Anyway I'm banging on again waaaaaay too much. Welcome back. And I'm glad you enjoyed this one. :)))


Thanks Sally!! It means a lot to me to receive compliments from an amazing puzzle-maker and artiste!! Thanks so much. Although I can't really take the kudos for the colours. They came from the images themselves that I kaleido'd. And then I gave them a background colour that came from the kaleido too. But I had a lot of fun making these yarn kaleidos, and then shortlisting down to this 9, to make sure they "hang together" OK. Actually this one was a bit fiddly at the end. I had to adjust the purple background of the bottom left (it was way too dark). And I had to completely replace the one that was in the bottom right, where the yellow now is. The other one was all wrong. Oh, the trials and tribulations of a puzzle-maker, eh? LOL. Anyway, I've blah, blah blahed on waaaaay too long. I'm really thrilled that you like it, and glad you told me your faves. Watch this space to see them posted as mid-week singles dedicated to you! :)))


This puzzle just smiles out at you! Especially the yellow Cheshire cats grinning out of the bottom right! They are all so wonderfully textural but my favourites are top middle and the terrific turquoise, middle left! :-))


Super use of color, Kirsten... I vote for top middle and right and bottom left.... Thanks for the fun....Sounds like you're having a good time at the beach.... Enjoy your holiday.... :) :)


Not only in the same time zone, but on the same wave length, Ardy!! LOL And that sounds like exciting work, to process a shipment of books. But I love your priorities! Hee, hee. Have fun!! :)))


Barb and I are in the same time zone. I laughed when I read her comment on the 81 piece and realized both of us were awake shortly after 5 today. That will probably mean an earlier night for me. That's probably good as I want to spend most of tomorrow at school I've had a shipment of new books arrive and I need to start work on the processing and cataloging of them. However, not before I've gotten to your and Jan's puzzles!!!

Poor you. You might have to spend a day playing on Jigidi. LOL


Good morning Ardy!! You and Barb both. I think you might be in the same time zone, as she said she couldn't sleep either, and got up at about 5:30 am, which was around an hour ago. She gave up and jumped on Jigidi too. And I had a fantastic day. It was around 28 degrees Celsius here (about 82 in your part of the world). The sky was bright blue and clear, and the breeze was cool. And Helga and I went to see Erskine Falls. Unfortunately the tracks were closed for maintenance, so we could only get to a lookout, which was all of 200 metres from the car park. So went to another waterfall not too far away. It was about a 5 kilometre walk there and back. And the waterfall, while not huge and dramatic, was perfect. Then we had lunch at a yummy Mexican place - very authentic and delicious. Topped off by an ice-cream on the beach. And then Helga went home, so the last few hours of the day were spent making today's puzzle!! Now I'm trying to catch up on about 2 days worth of puzzles!! I guess there's always tomorrow. And the weather is going to be a little cooler and wet. Oh, drats. I'll just have to spend some time inside playing here! LOL.

I'm sure I'll sleep better tonight. It just takes a few days to adjust to new surrounds, that's all. And I hope you have a great day too. ((HUGS))


Good evening, Kirsten. I like these especially the top and middle right. I woke up early so finally gave up and got up. You have had your first full day at the beach. Hope it was a fun and relaxing one. Hope the second night in a different bed will bring a good sleep and sweet dreams to you. Here are your good night hugs. ((HUGS))