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What's Going On ~ Howard Barry

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Howard Barry is a contemporary African-American artist. “I have always been an artistic/creative person as far back as I can remember. Drawing and Painting came easy for me, but after I acquired a Traumatic Brain Injury during my time in service, I lost those abilities. I thought my days of creating were over, however over the years I have managed to relearn a few things and have returned to the creative path. Art has become my therapy and my release; it helps me make sense of things. I love working with just about every kind of media, but my current obsession is taking both traditional and digital mediums and "smashing" them together to create something unique.

“I tend to work in series and at first glance it may seem like I'm all over the place as an artist, however a closer look would show several threads of connectivity and ultimately reveal the explorations of a broken individual looking for beauty, peace and wonder in a dark, painful chaotic world.”


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Yes, it definitely is, heathercru.


I wonder if this is based on the Marvin Gaye song.
I love your profile statement Judy! We're in concurrence on that. :D

Thanks for your warm wished, Cyndi,
Francine, I'm afraid we know the answer only too well, and it's really hard to change!


Sadly, Marvin's question is still very relevant. Great portrait - TFP


Thanks Judy for another Howard Barry painting. I am so glad he relearned how to be on his creative path with these amazing paintings. Hope you have a great weekend my friend.


Art is one area where you do is never wrong because it is a piece of you.