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FOR OUR HEROES ... Mr & Mrs Hummingbird 59

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The World of Jigidi salutes you !!!!!


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This puzzle is all yours, Kathy... My pleasure...It was made especially for you and your hubby.... If you like I can email the original image, which will make a much clearer print... In fact its on the way.... :) :)

I'm honored that you like this one well enough to want to display it... You and Mr. Hummingbird, touched many lives with your warmth, caring and puppy love... Your photos and your stories brought smiles to so many on Jigidi.... With the bonus of being able to join in on the puppy conversations.... Making a lot of days brighter and full of smiles... Thank you, Kathy...


I have a display cabinet where I keep prized and cherrished collectiable things of hummingbirds. I would love so much to have your permission to have a print made of this and display it in the cabinet in our sunroom. We are undergoing remodeling at present, and I have also added cabinets with glass doors in the kitchen. My mother-in-law gave me a set of dishes before she passed away. They were her grandmothers and came in bags of flour many many years ago. Guess what color they are? They are a beautiful red and they will be featured in the Peninsula. A print of this would add such elegant charm to them too, or I could even hang in on the wall. So many places that I would love to welcome it into our home. Needless to say, I find hummingbirds facinating. As a child, I never remember seeing them. It wasn't until I was an adult that I ever saw one. For the past several years, we have had out as many as 16 feeders to attract them, and it keeps my husband very busy keeping them filled LOL But we so love their presence. Sometimes it almost seems dangerous to venture out when they are in a feeding frenzy LOL I have often thought of putting on a football helment LOL I actually saw two hummers collide one day in mid air and one was knocked out. I quickly gathered him up in one hand and covered him with the other and made a mad dash inside to fetch my camera. It was unbelievable to be able to hold such a tiny jewel in my hands. I snapped the photo and in just a few minutes it recovered and flew away.

I just want to say a sincere "Thank You!!!" for such a delightful tribute. When we rescued the puppies we could only see helping the little guys out. It was as simple as that!!!! The joy that they brought into our lives and to all the people that welcomed them into their hearts was such a blessing and we are most happy that we could do such a small thing. I never dreamed that it would impact so many people!!!!! There are many many ways to make the world a better place and it takes all kinds of people doing various things to accompolish this. There is alway a need out there......a storm victim, a disabled person, someone suffering from health problems, someone who has lost a loved one..... to someone who has lost a beloved pet. A smile, a hug, a comforting chat, a donation, a prayer....and even the beautiful tribute above....that can enrich someone elses life. The world becomes a better place because of love and caring for all of God's and beast.

Thank you for an unexpected beautiful tribute Ms Sally. I have been blessed with warm hearts here on Jigidi. Michalle also left a beautiful piece of artwork for a puzzle. I soooo need to take lessons from you guys!!!!!

Thank you again, and please let me know your thoughts of possibly making this into a print? It is indeed beautiful!!! Kathy


Ms Sally, you're MY hero for doing this! I can only hope Mr & Mrs Hummer know how grateful we all are for what they have done! Thanks (to them and you)! ;-)))


Beautiful puzzle and a compassionate thought to do it. It was quite a puppy story with happy endings. Thank you for doing this.


Thank you all for adding your warm tributes to The Hummers for their kindness and caring... Opening their hearts and home to give these adorable little fuzzballs safe harbor... We thank them too for sharing these cuties with us on Jigidi... (Which now pretty much covers the whole world)... And for the magic of their love, that worked so well, both puppies now have new loving homes to grow up in....

Three Cheers for The Hummers!!!
You two are very special..... :) :)


Ooops, didn't post comment. I just wish to applaud them for their kindness, and thank you for this lovely puzzle, Thank you sally.


A beautiful way to honor the kindness of the Hummers. They and Libby have done a wonderful thing and our world is a good place with people like them in it!

Great idea, Sally. I'm sure they will love it.


A beautiful puzzle and a great tribute! Thank you again, Kathy and hubby, for being such caring, loving people! :DDD


What a beautiful tribute! They deserve it and we all join in to say "Thank You".


Oops, sorry, mate.... I see you're already following the great Jigidi puppy rescue and adoptions story... OoRoo.... :) :)


Thanks Rob... Hummers are fascinating, so tiny and quick... Glad you enjoyed this one... I made this as a tribute to Hummingbird59 and her husband, who rescued two puppies, one of which was later adopted by our good friend Javasage, through the great world grapevine of Jigidi.... A heartwarming story if you haven't seen it yet.... The story starts on this puzzle....


Delightful Sally!! I'm a sucker for Hummers - & I just wish we had them here in OZ!!
I love the central one dipping into the Bromeliad. Thanks.