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Theme: Green Living - turtle_plastic stomach contents of a juvenile sea turtle accidentally captured off the coast of Argentina

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Thanks PKH! It would be wonderful if this week's theme prompted even one person, or a whole bunch of people, to live green.


This makes my stomach turn.
thank you for posting this, Cheryl. It is a reminder to each and every one of us to recycle and make "green" decisions in our lives.


Colin and Coldbrew, yes, it is tragic. The worst part is that we have control over this and nothing gets done. Even trash from our heartland gets illegally trucked to the ocean. We need to recycle every tiny bit of nondegradable plastic, metal and glass and use more degradable materials. I can't imagine how we are going to clean up the mess we have made. Thanks, everyone for your comments.


Let me chime in with thanks, too! We're just waiting for that monster mess created by the Japanese tsunami to arrive on our coast. That was unavoidable, but this stuff is simply garbage thrown out by people with no conscience. Disgusting indeed!


It's shameful and tragic to see what polluting our planet is doing to the wildlife around the world.


Thanks, Texas! I appreciate your comments and your concern for our planet.


This is disgusting. I'm glad you're posting this so everyone can see what we're doing to our planet! Thanks.