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Write a Caption! colorful faces

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Gonzobob - GREAT caption! Thanks.


"Yes, we're the mothers of the Blue Man Group"


Healer - your caption was HILARIOUS!!! Thank you so much!

Healer and Hester - It is amazing what so many people will do in the name of beauty - here, there, everywhere!


Well who'da thought it! Fascinating! And thanks Jan, it does look like Maxine! :-))


JiggyBelleS, that was in interesting piece of information. And to think we all work to get a tan!


Signs were one heeded the warnings... "Water Contamination"! the signs read. No one knew just how serious the problem was, untill bathing caps began to run, melting down over the heads and faces of the ladies. Panic ensued. One child couldn't believe his eyes! Now! Get out of the water ladies before anything else melts!!!!!!!


In China they use something called a ?facekini?. The facekini is being called ?China?s latest beach craze." The bizarre clothing item is made of elastic fabric, covers a person?s entire head and neck down to the collarbone and has holes cut out for the neck, nose and mouth. They look pretty creepy, if you ask me, but that?s apparently a very small price to pay in order to protect yourself from getting a tan while going for a swim.
White skin is considered a sign of beauty in China. The women go to great lengths to make sure their skin remains white as milk during the hot summer months, and the facekini is just one of the things they use. They also dress in full-body swimming suits, and use parasols while walking on the street.

To read more, here is the link


I realize that in some cultures, women are required to hide their faces when out in public, but I've never seen it done in quite this way......

You're right, dondi! Good caption!


Where is that damn vendor? Those tubes weren't supposed to explode! [notice the colors are the same as the tubes in the background...?]


Boy on left to boy on right - Dude, you gotta try these goggles! You won't believe what I'm seeing!


ROFL with the latest captions!!

Hester - I think you are talking about "Maxine". . . . But, it could probably be a lot of people on Jigidi.


Somebody help me here...the wonderful ballsy American cartoon woman....what's her name?? The woman on the right in the pink bathing hat, that's her!!


You know the water's cold when you turn blue right up to the top of your head.


The warning went out to close the beach once it was discovered that the squid had gotten smarter. Instead of shooting ink at people, they started shooting colorful goo at their faces that stuck permanently. While it was generally an improvement to people's appearances, it was a major fashion faux pas.


OMG - These are some of the funniest captions - - ever! LOVE them. I have been sniggering all the way through reading them! Thanks for the fun!


What the crowd didn't realize was that they had just had an encounter of the 3rd kind. The aliens had to get to earth in there time slot and their body suits were done but their head gear wasn't .They figured they would chance it and everything worked out good. The silly humans though that they had masks on........ lol......

That little old lady on the right is trying to convince the woman in the blue ensemble that she used that same beauty masque religiously until five years ago.


I can tell that I'm out of my league today. The captions are MUCH better than any that I can think of.


With our new line of swimwear with coordinating "bag over her head", every woman looks good!
We've had great response from guys named Bubba in late night bars. Order yours now! Call "Bags in Bags" at 555-5555. Smooth operators are standing by.




Chief Brody's latest ( desperate ) shark scaring defence system for Amity. Don't go in the water!!


LOL Great comments!


Return of the Aquatic Granny Zombies, part two. Now showing in a cinema near you.


Ladies and gentlemen, try our new sun block. Guaranteed to keep those nasty UVAs and Bs at bay. And anything and everyone as well, come to think of it!


The granny Mafia! When we say wait for 30 minutes till after you eat we mean business!


Contestants from the bubble gum blowing contest are taking a break...


testing a new kind of scuba gear.


That always used to happen to me, too, until I started using Maybelline's waterproof mascara. You might mention it to your friends, also.




Oh-oh, the ladies underwater hit squad from Bugosiland. Someone's about to die!