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Sea Anemones

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93 solves
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It would be, indeed.....

There is room for lots of different opinions as long as no one tries to force others to do things they don't approve of. Would be nice if people could just be polite about not agreeing.


No, everyone isn't, I'm afraid. I've even had people stalk me, following me not only on my own puzzles but also on those of my friends where they knew that they'd find a comment by me, leaving their own cruel, sometimes obscene remarks. One of them even created the profile pdevilredis, and posted comments under that name, which made it look like they were mine. That's because I post comments on political and religious puzzles that, while civil, don't agree with those of the puzzle maker, and I don't back down when people tell me to shut up (and they do). FNF has similar views, from what I've seen, and someone seems to feel that that means we're the same person, as if there couldn't be more than one person alive who would be in agreement...

I haven't forgotten your offer and I appreciate it. There are so many that I like. But I am kept quite busy with the puzzles that are posted in big sizes.

From your discussion with factsnotfancy (great name) I gather that not everyone is so friendly. Glad I haven't met up with anyone like that.


Interesting, FNF, and, of course, annoying, as always. I know I would hate it people kept refusing to believe I am who I am, so don't be sorry! I just checked it out, and I have no idea what you said that provoked any of that... And revenge is the last person to point at you--2 solved puzzles?! Obviously a fake name used just for such comments......


I haven't posted the star one yet, jranders, and that's why you couldn't find it! And, as I've said before, if you do see a small one of mine that you'd like in a larger size, please just tell me, and I'll be glad to post it!


Hello, Pat, just a quick heads-up. A person named revenge is accusing us of being the same person. Big surprise, right? It's on someone named Raymond's puzzle. Sorry I got you into this again. They never are willing to believe that more than one person disagrees with them.

A really great design. I would have missed this one except that I was looking for the star puzzle you referred to in Have A Heart. I love a lot of the things you do in the smaller puzzles but rarely see them because I pretty much stick to the big ones.


Thanks, Mandy and whatnauts! I'm never sure how LunaPic decides where to apply that effect, or even if it's a question of some colors just taking it better than others, but I'm always pleased that it does look stronger on some sections than others.


This is terrific PD.


Pat, this is wonderful, and I love the watery effect which shows up so well on those purple pieces, thanks.


Thanks, Patti--I'm glad you like it!

Yes, they have a tough life, as you can tell, Katie!


Pat, I like the new "portrait" of Maggie and Cassie. You can tell they really lead the dog's life!


I agree with Wendy -- the colors are striking! Nice one, Pat!


Thanks, Wendy!


Pat, this one is STRIKING!


Thanks so much, Jill!


Love the design and color combos. Thanks, Pat!


Thanks so much, Katie!

Ah, now there's the lela we know and love! :-)))


I got completely lost here.......nearly drowned!....


Great design and colors. Thanks Pat!