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Ash - What do you mean, we've run out of cat biscuit?!

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Dried cat food is the only cat food this boy will eat!

Reminder to me - order some cat food tonight!!


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Too funny everyone. My cats all want something different. Catslave, I will check to see if a brand called Natures' Recipe is sold in Scotland. No fillers in it.


Sorry for my late reply. I just found this in bookmarks.

That's too bad about Petsmart. I went on the Blue Buffalo site itself and found out they only ship to the US and Canada also. Amazon does ship to Europe, but it's quite expensive.

The thing I like about BB is that it contains no chicken, fish or meat by-products (very important), and no corn, wheat or soy, all of which Hill's Science Diet (Hills=Science Diet) contain. But everyone's right ~ we are so well trained. Norton used to eat anything, and I do mean anything. Greens were his all-time favorite ~ lettuce and spinach especially. He was a weird cat diet-wise, that's for sure. I used to have to put him in the bedroom when I was preparing a salad.


All so different and we're all so well trained!! :D

My two pence for what it's worth!..........until they were about 6 years old neither of my two knew there was any other sort of cat food than the Science diet (like Hills I think) a dried food. Then I made the mistake of giving them little wet food treats. Now it is a battle to get them to stop meowing at me to have a constant supply of the wet food.

The funny thing about them is that they turn their nose up at fresh chicken and salmon!


Just so happens Ash wants his biscuits (even the diet ones) just a little too much! He gets Purina Pro Plan Light or Housecat and I used to give him Hills too Impie. I used to get Royal Canin Veterinary Neutered Young Male S/O Dry for Freya on the advice of my vet but it really upset Ash's stomach (horrible litter tray clean ups) so I was buying two brands of dried biscuit at once!

Octomom, Pet Smart is only in the US and Canada unfortunately, I'm in Scotland. It looks interesting but when Strider's mouth was bad, I switched brands of wet cat food. His mouth was a mix of virus infection and allergens and a veterinary expert in gingivitis from vet school at Glasgow Uni recommended a really cheap brand of cat food: Butcher's Classic Cat food as it had the least amount of additives! I haven't changed since as Freya and Tyr do eat it, just not with as much gusto as you describe the Blue Buffalo being devoured!

I've tried them on some of the small gourmet tins and they seem to leave most of it in the bowl but I might try the salmon mousse Impie, just as a treat.

The things we go through to make sure our cats are well cared for...

And I'm tempted to spoil them like Impie with fish at the weekend...


My best friend also has 3 cats and they all want different food.

Goofie loves his dried food too (Hills Mature Adult 7+ in chicken flavour) and also the little Gourmet Salmon Mousse(85gr). Hills (2kilograms) cost 25 euros and last for about 7 weeks. The (daily) Gourmet mousse costs abt.50 eurocents.His sunday's pollock is his favorite!!!

So Ash, you're an easy boy for wanting just your biscuits:)))


Blue Buffalo is a little pricey. A 15-pound bag costs about $35, and the 6-1/2 ounce cans sell for about $1.25 or so US$. I know it can be purchased online at Petsmart and other stores. Do you have Petsmart where you live?


When presented with a bowl of dried food, Ash stops dead, with his nose halfway to the bowl, jerks his head back and gives me the 'what the h*ll is this?' look and walks away! Freya is prone to cystitis so she has to have more wet food than dry - I have to buy both to keep everyone happy! I've never seen Blue Buffalo food in the UK. Is it expensive?


Last year, I switched my cats over from cheap dried food to Blue Buffalo dried food. When Norton was sick, I purchased some cans of the Blue Buffalo wet food. I've never seen my cats attack me for food like they did when I popped open a can of that. Plus, I haven't had to clean up a hairball since I switched.