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Found At My Door This Morning

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What a Sweetie! I wish Payton were not such an Alpha cat so I could keep him. Kitty Rescue on the way. He was so hungry and settled right down after he got something to eat. I think he is only about 4 months. You can't see his paws but I think he is a Ragdoll. Maybe someone is desperate to find him??


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Grand story to you that is Carol, about this sweet kitty, and all the comments.


KlubKittyKat! I love your name~~should be mine name also. And this gorgeous kitty would be a part of it. I am so glad knowing he found a good home and some good heart found a wonderful bundle of joy to hug and love. It breaks my heart "bad people" putting poor animals out. I am so much like puzzlepa and would take them all if I could! Thanks Carol for such a wonderful post! Bless you kitty lovers! And dog lovers and all animal lovers in general, cause I'm certainly one myself, from a tiny little hamster to my tri-colored goat, dogs, and all the animals in between, but especially my cats. Grand story! A+++ !!




Plumpossum, no one ever claimed him. He did get a good home! There were several takers vying for him. I would have loved to have kept him. Out rescue (WAIF) are so great about matching the animals with the right homes. I would love to see him now.............


Any news of this forlorn little kitty?


Well said Gemstone........there is always a way to assure our four legged friends are care for and loved.


Hi Impie, I know what you mean. If Payton got out I would go mad also. He is microchipped so at least there would be a chance of his return.


My sister and I both know that we would adopt each other's pet if necessary. And I have informed a friend that should anything happen we would adopt her little dog. If you don't have others willing, you could always become a foster parent...which might be our option down the road.


What a sweety Carol. I would go mad if Goofie was out on the streets and me not knowing where he would be.
If he's microchipped like Gemstone suggested, they'll find his "owners" and if they do, I hope they give them a piece of mind, letting such a precious and young kitty outside on his own!


PS Now I can do the puzzle! :)


Kitty Update: My friend called the Rescue and they said I was right he is a male, about 4 months old, most likely a Ragdoll and a total little charmer. He will be quarantined for several days but my friends could come to look if they wanted but not hold him yet. My friends aren't sure they are going to take him (they worry, as I do, that we are all getting older and worry about our pets out living us) but they were assured, by the staff, this kitty will not have a problem finding a forever home and they have several homes in mind. :) If my friends do adopt him, I will post puzzles of him. I feel so much better now!


Yes, he's a Ragdoll. I have an un-neutered tomcat ragdoll that raised a 2 month old baby marmalade tomcat to full grown. Washed him up, shared his food, showed him how to be a cat, to hunt, to play, kept him warm and comforted at all times of the day. The baby's own mother couldn't have done a better job of raising the baby. I love the Ragdoll breed. So sweet and loving. The baby is well and happy and sticks to my Ragdoll as his best friend.


He is adorable! Here's hoping your friend can give him his forever home. I can understand just how tempted you must have been to keep him.


KlubKittyKat............yes, I sterilized the carrying case and washed the towel and little dishes I gave him food in. My Payton was a rescue some 9 years ago now. They bring such joy to our lives.


PS........hurts me too much to even do the puzzle. :((((


Thank you everyone. The little guy went with the Animal Control Officer so sweetly. I told the Officer I was sure someone was looking for him....he (sadly) told me I had no idea the wonderful animals he picks up that are just discarded by former owners. He did say the little guy was so pretty he was sure he would be adopted fast.........NOW for what I hope is the GOOD news.........I mentioned this to a friend who lost her Himilayan several months ago (why did I not think of her) and she and her husband were going down to the pound to see if they can get him!! (The animals picked up here go to the City Pound for a short time to be examined etc and then go on to our wonderful WAIF Rescue.) Will keep you all posted if I hear anything............


I have such mixed emotions when I see something like this...gratitude there are people (like you!) who are willing to do the right thing for the animal...and such rage at who(m)ever let this happen! Best of luck to the wee one...please let us know what happens! Thanks...Callie Lou's Hu-mom! ;-)))


Hi Carol, it is me again, and all of these ladies are right, he is lucky he landed on your doorstep. I was serious about adopting him, I have 3 adopted animals now, this avatar is Lovey, in the Josiescorner avatar you see Rocky and Sweetie, also shelter animals. I think he should probably see a vet before he gets close to your beautiful baby, but you can reach me, if you want to on Jigidi under either name. Thank you and best wishes to this little love.

So glad this beautiful baby was found! by a caring, compassionate person. Thanks Carol66 :)


Poor babe. Sure glad he found your door. I hope there are loving owners desperate to find him...and they do. Perhaps he's microchipped. Otherwise, he won't stay long in a shelter...he is way too cute.


Poor thing! So glad he dropped over to the right house and that you were home. Hope he finds a good home if his owners don't find him.

their are two many loving cats an dogs that need a good home if i could i'd take them all. they didn't ask to be born an their suffering for it. Bob Barker on the price is right, said to have dogs an cats spayed an neutered to control pet population, so these animals don't suffer needlessly. thanks Carol66


If an interested adopter who isn't nearby, they can check out volunteer transport services. There are some trucker groups who help carry adoptees to adopters. If I didn't already have a full house of 8 cats, I'd be asking for the name/e-mail of your Kitty Rescue. Hopefully the little sweetie will soon be in a new home, being treated like the little princeling he is. The crate setting makes for an interesting jigsaw, I might add.


Where are you, I'll take him.