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Exotic Flowers! (kaleidoBOARDS)

40 pieces
127 solves
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My goodness! I am breathless with all those compliments! what wonderful things to say! I LOVE that you love them, Rosie! Thank YOU!

Mandy - Thank you so much!!


Gorgeous, thanks Jan


I'm still getting used to the expanded boards but love your kaleidos soooooo much that the more the merrier is a good way to look at it as long as you include the 3x3's with them. Oh, heck with or without the 3x3's. Thanks for the fun parties and I'm also looking forward to the color explosion coming up too. You are so good!!!


You are so welcome, Pat!


Good one Jan thanks


Caribbean, Mediterranean, anywhere there is warm or warmish water! LOL ;-)


Oh yes! just right for a Caribbean trip, wouldn't you say? ;-))


Hester - I see some very fun bathing suit patterns in these, what do you think? I'm thrilled that you like them so much!

Mimi - you are so sweet! Thank you so much. I agree completely about bright and Evie, especially!

JC - I am so very happy you liked it!

Katie - the "more the merrier," eh?


Love the bounty of boards Jan!


Enjoyed this fun one, Jan!


I love this gorgeous puzzle. So glad you included everything! Hooray for bright and beautiful!


The more the merrier!! The colours in this are gorgeous, Jan and the patterns just divine. ( I think I may like it a little bit! LOL)


Edie and Ardy - I am so glad you had fun with the boards. I made this puzzle a while back and made 7 boards because I liked them so much. I thought about eliminating 1 or two before posting, but changed my mind! LOL


I see a couple of friendly faces in the far right. I love the sunshine in the middle. Hope it shines today. Thanks, Jan. Love your BOARDS.


These turned out very cool. Still seem to have a brain freeze when it comes to the seven boards. Lots of fun. thanks