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... cigarette smoke, it is not healthy for kitties or kiddies.


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So sorry gnt. I, too, smoked from age 11 to age 36 and have breathing probs and asthma. I have 2 inhalers. I count myself v.lucky. Back then, it was cool to smoke. My mother did, my brothers did. My father now has emphysema from my mother's secondhand smoke. This is a wonderful pic of a dear and beautiful little kitty. She will be ok.


Thank you, PLG.

I wish it were so.


Precious kitty. I hope she will be all right.


Thank you, Schutkleur and Jacque.

She is a dear little kitty girl. My daughter has had her for at least 14 years.


he's cute!


Such a beautiful kitty, Roseheather! I`m very sorry to read that the poor thing has serious health problems.
I left you an answer with my Reyerpark-puzzle :))


Thanks, gnt, for your input. I hope that the oxygen and other treatments give you many more enjoyable times.

The person who stopped smoking after being diagnosed with stage 4 COPD did so, I think, because he has coughed up blood. But his father has also died not all that long before of cancer, and he too had been a smoker.

I am amazed that we, as a country, gave cigarettes to soldiers in WWII, and maybe in WWI. Not knowing, really, how harmful they were.

How nice that we have sites like jigidi for you and others of us with limited energies. It is a great way to stay connected when it is hard to get about physically.


Great pic rose...Have read your comments and feel I need to tell U a story about smoking....I started smoking at 13 yrs. old...was the big man that smoked....I was addicted to those things for over 50 years....did so much damage to my lungs that I got broncial problems and now am on oxy 24/7 at 4.5 litres. I have severe sleep apnia...and have to use a neb every 4 hours. I havn't walked no more then 2-3 steps in many years. How did I stop. well I woke up chocking to death and told my wife to throw it all away and never would smoke again and that was that.....but it took nearly dieing to get to that point....I pray others will toss it fast as smoking is a killer....sorry to carry on


Thank you, Elfie, for your caring words.


Poor little thing!! Thanks so very much roseheather!!


So right, Laurajane. My grandfathers and my father both smoked. as did my mother for a while, and I think it is why I have breathing issues now.

This little kitty has some serious health problems. My daughter found that a kitty's thyroid can be affected by second hand smoke, and that has led to other issues. Unfortunately she loved sitting on someone's lap who was a very heavy smoker and who now has stage 4 COPD.


No, roseheather, it's not. I grew up in a haze of second hand smoke and developed asthma about 15 years ago.