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Embossed Swirl (Smaller)

42 pieces
105 solves
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You're welcome! :-DDD
I like them both, but for different reasons. I think this one is more dramatic with the colors and more interesting with the textures, though... :-)


Pat, thank you for the gift! I like this one so much more than the other swirl without the black lines.


Ah, I just made a quadruple one tonight! LOL! But I'm not sure if you mean the ones with overlapping swirls, or the ones where the swirls are interwoven, with alternating layers... In any case, I'm thrilled that you enjoy them so much--thank you! I love it when I hear that people are having fun solving the puzzles I create!


I don't know if I like these better with the black lines or not. I only know that I love doing your swirls, especially the double or triple circles. These are great fun to do. Thanks for making them for us to enjoy.


Thanks so much, Jan! :-)))


Beautiful, Pat. Thanks so much!


Feel free to take this one, Wendy!:-))) It's another of those no-line swirls that I just started making, where I don't draw it with black lines first and then fill in the colors, but just draw the colors, without an outline' from the beginning. Somehow, LunaPic's embosser gave it texture--and some lines! Go figure! LOL!


Ohhhh, Pat, I LOVE this swirl! It's different from all your others...and there's something very special about it. I want one!


Thanks, Barb, Ardy, and Katie! I haven't posted the original of this yet, but, as expected, the colors aren't even close to this--LunaPic's embosser definitely has a mind of its own! I also thought it was cool that it changed the texture--good job, LunaPic! :-)))


I love the textures that came out of your embosser Pat! Great swirl!!


I'm even on the board - at the bottom - for a moment. Delightful swirl, Pat. I love the colors in this one. Thank you so much.


This one seemed to fall into place so easily, I'm even on the board, Pat. The sun is shining here so all in all, not a bad morning. Thanks for my daily fix! :-))