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Flower Power

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I was just playing around and don't think this qualifies as doodling, but it was fun just the same. Patterns are a joy. Have fun my Jigidi friends and be happy.


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Whatnauts, do you have any indoor plants to cheer you up, or are they too much bother. I know they not only need care, they are dust collectors. I have a few that I haven't killed yet. One is a purchase my husband and I made together, and another is one he revived when I thought there was no saving it. They do have special meaning, but I don't know if they'll last as long as I'd like.

Glad you liked my fake flowers, and I planted them in Cyberland just for you; they need absolutely no tending except for an occassional visit. :-)) Keep having fun.


These are lovely flowers, Judy. Today is Plant A Flower Day. Since it's too cold to plant flowers here, I have solved this flower in lieu of. Thanks for the fun!!!


This is beautiful and creative. It could be one of your cards. I like making cards, too and this is an inspiration. I don't do much card making but I sure have a lot of supplies! Jigidi and knitting and crocheting take precedence. I remember the Kent State shooting. I was a young mother at the time. That was horrible!


Agree... Patterns are good fun... Very happy making patterns you have here.... This would make an excellent greeting card... How about some photos of your finished cards??? Bet they'd make great puzzles.... Thanks, Judy.... :) :)


Kirsten, I guess you want me to believe you, so I choose to do so. Thanks so much for making me feel that my designs/creations are truly appreciated. Do not worry that I'll stop learning and experimenting; it's part of my nature. Besides, it's too much fun to stop. However, I've spent time this week doing a hobby I thought was no longer--I made several homemade greeting cards. I have a lot of people to thank, so that's the motivation. However, it does take me away from Jigidi. I still enjoy it, so I'll do my best to keep those puzzles coming as often as I can.


Jo, I'm so glad you liked the design, and the gingham plaid made an impression. Wow. It's amazing to hear what people identify with. It does reming me of the tablecloths that were so popular, not to mention articles of clothing. Isn't it fun to play with patterns of any generation? Thanks for your comment and hope to hear from you again.


Edie, thanks for the pep talk; I guess I needed to hear that. I had fun making and solving it, so that counts, huh? Yes, and everyone is extremely generous with their encouragement and kind remarks. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and want to thank you for letting me know, yet again. I appreciate that more than I can say. :-))


Mandy, layers are my friends. It makes creating so much easier. I'm glad you liked the outcome and want to thank you again for your kind words. You are such a kind person to me.


PJ, thanks for liking my puzzle and the creative way people tried to solve problems. There's a glitch in the story, because after students put flowers in the National Guard's rifles at Kent State in '69 or '70, they wound up opening up fire on unarmed students, many of whom had nothing to do with the campus social unrest over the Viet Nam War. Four died and many more were injured. So a great idea, but it wasn't enough. Many of the soldiers were young, and I felt sorry for them.

Sorry, a bad memory slipped in. I went to that school a year later to start work on my master's degree. It was a great school but was still mourning the incident. I guess that makes it more personal to me.


Barb, was that the Mamas and the Papas?? If so I knew the brother of one of the guys. They grew up not far from me. Small world. Man, does that bring back memories!!


Judy - listen to Edie!! She's very wise. Your puzzles are gorgeous, and we are loving coming along on your learning journey with you. You're puzzles make a lot of people VERY happy. Me included. Thank you! :)))


Beautiful design! I haven't seen gingham plaid in a long time! Thanks for the fun!! :)


Judy I just want to say that this puzzle is extremely well put together and shows that you put a lot of work into it. As far a worrying that other people won't like it all I have to say about that is 'who cares', as long as you liked it. Besides people on this site are much too polite to tell you if they didn't like something ; )
I for one loved it. Keep trying new stuff, thanks


This is lovely Judy, you've put lots of layers in and I love the flowers you've made. :~)


Judy - this is a lovely puzzle, and I enjoyed the puzzle - and the idea of flower power: finding friendly, creative means / ways to solve issues... Yes, I grew up with the flower power ideas....


Yes, Judy, I'm old enough! :-)))
"Are you going to San Francisco? Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." I'm sure you remember that song.


Barb, are you old enough to remember the saying in the 60's "flower power"? I remember hippies (or peaceniks) putting flowers in the rifles of the national guard trying to convince them that peace was a better using flowers. That's why I named it that.

Thanks so much for liking my puzzles. Every time I do something unusual for me, I think it will be the one everyone hates. i'm so glad you commented, because I really value your opinion. Hugs!


I love the way you play around, Judy. This is a delightful puzzle and you have made me happy to solve it, thanks. And there really is power in flowers. Won't be long now before we start seeing some. :-)