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Jean-Eugène Buland, Flagrant Délit (1893)

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"Caught in the act"! I wonder if they are sitting outside an official's office, with the stern father holding firmly onto a marriage certificate. The young man looks dumbstruck, the woman . . . resigned? Thinking about her future?


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Yes, I know the French expression. I think the boy could go either way.


It's the French equivalent of "in flagrante delicto"—"caught in the act," usually used to mean caught having sexual relations (nowadays, at least; not sure about the 1890s). Sorry, I often make the mistake of assuming everyone thinks like me.

I think the boy looks stunned. Or maybe he's just not very bright. :-)


I saw the title translated as "Flagrant Crime." Nobody's telling what the crime was, though. The boy doesn't look very worried to me.


It's a metal oval with illegible writing around the edge and in the middle. No symbols or anything other than writing.




My interpretation is that the couple were caught "in flagrante delicto." I thought the man was probably the girl's father. I haven't solved the puzzle yet—is he wearing a policeman's badge?


I don't know what they could have been caught doing. young mans hands are filthy. she a serving girl......if the young man and policeman are at odds, why are they sitting so close together?

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