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CHIHULY! Richmond A RIOT of color and form in the seabed display room

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This is a probably 4ft. wide by 4ft. tall piece in the seafloor display-the one that was like 100ft long and 15ft wide. It really is a riot of color and organic form. Its easy to miss the beautiful 24" sphere in front of it. The light blue pieces on each side of it appeared to be hand blown glass rock or sea bed formations that were spread throughout the display. Some of them were 4ft. across. It would be easy to spend an hour in this room. If you look closely at the top of the photo, you can see two people in the blue lit room with the neon tumbleweed in it, that I put on here a few days ago. I came to this Chihuly show about a month age with my son, a glass artist himself, and again just about a week ago with my daughter, and I can say for sure, going through this show affected my perception, and sense of well being, and appreciation of form and color both times. It left me with a little inkling of the expanded space where Chihuly dances from and I feel honored to have experienced that.


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Happy New Year to you too, Michelle. Wishing you health, happiness, and clarity.


Dave, I was just blown away when I solved this and it filled my screen. Words just do not give justice to the richness of imagination, texture, form, colour....
Then I read your story above and tears filled my eyes...what joy you have described. Thank you, my friend, I feel honoured to have been invited along on this trip. Michelle