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"Enjoy the land but own it not." -- Thoreau

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Thanks, Suzy. :)


One can not own the land, one can respect and enjoy it.
What a fine picture you have given us.


Thank you, Katzmum. I do feel very lucky.


Lovely photo, you are very lucky to live in such a beautiful place,thanks for sharing!


Interesting, Ank. I hope you have an autumn this year!

Roseheather -- thank you. I like that way of looking at it. :)


As to "owning" land, I have heard said that we are just stewards of the land, during our time on it. I recall a special Sunday set aside in the Methodist church to focus on this, when I was growing up.


Normal it will color in Oktober and Novenber, but the climate is changing. Last year it stayed too warm for a very long time and from one to the other day it was winter, there was no autumn at all. That's why so many plants died last winter, they did not sleep when it became that cold. So I don't know what it will do. Normal September is much warmer as now.


Hi Snooker. :) Yes it is, but that's common for September.

Water seems low right now.


Thank you, TS! I sure do. And that sounds lovely!

Aww, thank you, Ank. Sounds like our daytime temperatures are about the same. Just colder here at night. Will you get some color in October?


yhis makes me think, thanks patti


As a photo from a fairytale book, you live at a great place Patti.

The temp here is not as low as yours, but we have a lot of wind and that makes it feel colder. At the day it's between 50 and 55 (some moments with sun 60) degrees the nights between 40 and 45. The coloring of trees is not much at the moment.


You love Henry David, and I do too! This is a beautiful spot, we could surely while away a few hours under those trees picnicing and reading a book and enjoying a glass or two of good wine. Thanks, PLG.


Loveydear -- Thank you. (I love your name!)

Shirley -- Thanks! Sounds like fun! But wear a jacket -- it's chilly!

Foxy -- Great! I'll bring the potato salad!

Chickie -- Thank you! Yes, it's wonderful to see it all the time. Fun to watch it change with the seasons.

Muffin -- Thank you! Great to see you! Sounds like your neck of the woods is much like mine!


The leaves here are just starting to turn too and the rivers are also a bit low. gorgeous shot Patti!


So nice to have that river running behind your house. And the fall colors are coming! Thanks PLG.


Meet you there for a picnic tomorrow, PLG and Shirley :-)


How nice would a picnic lunch in the shade, under those trees be?? delightful I would say, Thank you Patti.


Very pretty spot PLG.