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Old Barn

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It should does sue! - thanks for your comment:)


Looks in pretty good repair. thanks for the fun, 1:50


Everything works for this picture, punkin - thanks for your lovely comment:)


Does the green grass make the barn stand out? Does the barn make the green grass stand out? Do the trees compliment the barn, or does the barn compliment the trees?
In the end....all work together for one fantastic picture.


Thanks chickie - that's a compliment because I've posted dozens of them. LOL


Oh wow! This is my favorite old barn pic you have ever posted! Beautiful chookies.


Hi taberna, I haven't been to a lot of the places that I've posted but I have travelled extensively throughout my own country, Australia, throughout Canada and the USA, England and some parts of Europe. I have travelled to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore within the last 3 years. Thanks for your comments and interest. I enjoy bringing them to you:)

You certainly have some nice pictures. Do you travel to all those places?


I knew you'd love the autumn colors, tex!
Good evening, Ank, yes I have had my cuppa now and am ready to face the day. I hope you have a peaceful sleep. See you tomorrow:)
Thanks, snooker, I try my best to keep up with the rest of them. Glad you enjoy my jigs as much as I like you solving them:)

Very nice again. You find some very pretty photos. :)


Love that barn, but ohhhhhh that trees, love it. thanks.

Good morning dear, good to see you again. I think you already had your coffee, hope you enjoyed it. I wish you a very beautiful day with a lot of sunshine.


Wow, just look at that hillside! Great find, Chooks. Thanks.