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The Shoulder Of Mutton in Wendover, Buckinghamshire. Photo by Steve Daniels

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We have a Brewers Fayre chain of restaurants along with a few others but haven't seen Chef and Brewer down here in Kent.
I found some info from their website: 'The venue was first recorded on the map in 1620 when it was central to the herding of livestock in the area. It was known as the Railway Hotel in years gone by'.
So 'Shoulder of Mutton' isn't the original name but it gave you a chuckle Joyce.
Thanks 48, kevin and Joyce...Sue


Isn't Chef and Brewer the owners of quite a few pubs there Sue? This pub is fairly large compared to most you have posted. enjoyed the puzzle - as always, thanks!


It wouldn't be my favorite choice of names, but quite the impressive building - kevin


Great building(s). I wish our restaurants would choose fun names like this. It really gives a chuckle. Many thanks again Sue!! :)))
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