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Help With Colors

340 pieces
293 solves
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Jillibus, I hope you learned some new color names. LOL
I clicked on your name since I've never seen you before, and HOLY COW, I saw your BABBLE reference and had to check it out. Bad idea! I would be sooooooo addicted to it if I spent more than 3 minutes playing a game.


That was new and fun -- thanks!


Mandy, I know the 'game,' and it's exactly what I was thinking as I created it. I remember that one had to block everything out in order to do get it right. I'm glad you had fun. :-)


Wendy, this reminds me of that brain game where you have to say the colour of the word, when the colour doesn't match the word!! In the case of your puzzle, where I read PURPLES - you would have to say yellow!! It can be very confusing!! Thanks for such a fun puzzle :~)


dimples, I am so glad that I could be of help. I made this in a small size that's not as nice and I goofed up on one of the I'm still learning too.

Now that I know my colors, I'll have to work on my ABC's. Time: 40:13


Amy, Magda (oldiepumpkin) was joking around yesterday or the day before and told me that she was having problems with some colors in one of my puzzles, so I had promised her a Helpful Aid puzzle for today. I posted it in a 99 piece one too, but it's not as nice as this one....I don't think.
Are you color challenged as well? I don't thiiiiiiiiiiink so, dear. ;-)


Ha, ha, ha!!!! Is this for your color challenged puzzlers, like me? I love it!!