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Brockton Point Lighthouse

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Stanley Park, Vancouver
Feb 23, 2013


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Thank you Lorna! I'm glad you like this little lighthouse.

Thank you very much Ank. Usually the pedestrians and the cyclists share a divided pathway. But at this point we are on different paths. You can see a cyclist up near the flags.
P.S. Yes, I know that I can add or change the title or the information. This time I just put it into a comment. But thank you very much for telling me. You have taught me a lot about jigidi and I appreciate it.


Beautiful Cathy. Do we walk down there along, and then under the lighthouse? I really love this walk, there is so much to see. And this photo is beautiful, love the clouds too. Thanks for the extra information.
Do you know that you can add this information at that special place any moment. Just write it there and SAVE again. You also can change the title or info any time you want, you just have to save everytime.


Nice photo Cathy. It is an unusual looking lighthouse, and good to know a bit about it.


Hi Lucy and Suzy! Thanks for your notes. I found this additional information.

Brockton Point's most admired feature is the red and white lighthouse that sits at its edge. A fully functioning Lighthouse (one of two on Stanley Park, the other located on the edge of the Seawall under Prospect Point), it is owned and operated by the Canadian Coast Guard. The original Lighthouse was built in 1890 and a permanent structure was complete in 1915, the one still in use today.

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Thanks for continuing to share Stanley Park with us.


Interesting one, thanks


Thank you Denise, Smllpkg and Jim !


Beautiful, Cathy!


Look at those cottony clouds. Very pretty!


Lovely cathy,,,,thanks