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Art4Sight~Dad's Button Shoes & Buttonhooks

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Circa 1900, these little shoes have been saddle soaped by me to keep them soft. They were his precious little shoes when he was about 2 years old.


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Absolutely amazing TS.what a treasure you have.


Yes, they are most precious to me, and I wish I had some of Mother's things, but the only thing from her side is jewelry and precious few pictures, since they had a fire that destroyed it all. I'm the only one in my family (child) who is left, but I was also the only one who seemingly cared about this kind of thing, so I was lucky enough to get all of it. Thanks, Silver for stopping by.


Oh Tex, they are exquisite! It is just amazing you have so much of your Dad's childhood to love and treasure! I love seeing these kind of things as you so obviously do, but to own them, and for them to have such close family connections is incredibly special.
Thank you for a lovely puzzle! Lorna


It's certainly my pleasure to post these, Celeste and Queenbee. So glad you enjoyed them.


How cute they are!! Little miniature Daddys' shoes!! Thanks for sharing!! :)


Wow so awesome and precious. :)


Art4Sight, you can see on the ends of these little shoes where his big toe rubbed, and wore the leather. The black part was shiny at one time, but I don't think it was patent leather. On the left foot shoe, you can see in the picture, the toe is almost scalloped, shaped like a heart where his toe rubbed. That just makes them sweeter to me!
Morris, I intend to take a picture of the portrait and Victrola soon. I guess it is spelled Victorola, since it's made by RCA Victor?
Lyndee, my next generation (my kids) could care less about this kind of stuff, and so my nephews and nieces who are more appreciative will have to carry the torch. I once gave my oldest daughter a couple pieces of my Grandmother's beautiful jewelry and she gave them to my youngest daughter, who gave them to a little girlfriend! I got them back, but it took some major finagling! So they are not the ones to trust with all my treasures! They have many other virtues, though, so I'll not fault them for their different tastes.


Wow have some great stuff! I hope the next generation will take care of them as well as you have.


Luv 'em tex! I was going tu say the same thing as angel, take a photo of the portrait!!


Texasstar, these shoes are so precious!! I have never seen the hooks before. From what you have said, the hooks seem to work much like a needle threader. I do hope you can photograph your father and the Victrola beneath it. The shoes are somewhat different from those that were my uncle's. I'll post a photo of them under either art4sight or jill4art, whichever allows me to post soon. You'll notice a difference in the buttons and the side of the shoes. Also the black part of my uncle's shoe seems to be patent leather....had no idea it went back that far! I believe your shoes are probably about 10 years older than mine. Thanks so much for posting. These are so interesting! ~ Jill


Thank you, friends, I'm thrilled that you have all taken the time to enjoy my momentos and to comment. I have a lot of my Dad's things, but none belonging to my Mother, since they lost most of it in a fire. One day soon I'll post that big picture, Angelbender, and the old Victrola it hangs above. That's also quite a treasure. I have some of the 33 speed records, and it still plays! Fun stuff.


I rremember hearing about button hooks, but I don't recall ever really seeing one.

My dad was an older man when he married so many of the great stories were from him. He had too many stories about kids he knew who got hurt with caps, or falling out of trees, etc., all of which meant there were a number of things we could not do.

Good thing he never saw his granddaughter up in the tree in front of our house. ; ) She was very capable and I never was worried about her falling.


Well, this sure tugs at my heart! When you get to be my age, things this dear cause your eyes to water! Thank you so much for sharing these and all your treasures, Sis! They are priceless!


What a wonderful keepsake for you to have tex.!

Why not take a photo of the picture of your Dad, texasstar7? We don't care if it has reflections on the glass. It would be fun to see him in those little shoes. You could crop part of the frame is it is that big. Just thinkin'.....


You have looked after them well!.......Great memories........


Thanks for all these antiques! You could open up a shop!


What lovely keepsakes you have of your Dad, Texasstar, delightful little shoes.
I'm sitting here admiring these little shoes, and my mind wonders back , and I can only imagine what it was like, much slower, just the time it must have taken to dress, I love the look of the clothes from that era. Thank you texasstar.


Thank you! I was hoping you'd see this.


What a treasure tex. And incredibly interesting. Thanks for posting. :)))


You're most welcome, EF. I have a portrait of him which was done in 1900 when he was 2 years old, and he was wearing these shoes in it. I can't post it because it's so massive. It's very heavy and large, and the frame is very ornate in gold and white. I love these old relics!


Wow Tex, what a precious memory! Thank you for sharing.


Thanks, Elevenfan, I do too! Robbie & Chooks, using the small hook on the end, push it through the buttonhole and hook it around the button to pull it through the hole. Very simple, really.


Can I be so nieve and ask how the hooks work, tex!


This is a very interesting puzzle Tex, I've seen the hooks before but didn't know what they were for. Thanks.