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You leave my food alone!!

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Some day you've GOT to write the story of your life, PG!! Thanks so very much!!

LOL!!!! Ann!! Good one, thanks so very much!!


Eating all those crabs have evidently made her VERY 'crabby'! Thanks Hanne & Bent..........................


I was married to her I think.


AM I pleased that you enjoyed them, gerdje! Now you know how we have come this far!!

thanks a lot !!! Y became the stories andcould transport them to my favorites - for me not easy -now I read them all and it is greath...famous !!!


I think that the trolls usually take her the way she is and pay no attention to her grumbling!! Perhaps she has a big and nice heart!! Thanks so very much Mandy!!

She might have done so whatnauts, thanks so very much!!


I guess she should have taken her food outside. Thanks, Hanne and Bent.


Oh my.... she's very grumpy!! I bet that cooker keeps the house nice and warm though. Thanks Hanne :~)


I see what you mean, but we never see the golden ones eat or drink - just for fun at very rare times. So it's my opinion that they are not interested but have come in to see the house!! And there she sits with her crabs!! But indeed it's your choise to think your thoughts, that's the way here - until we put the story on our homepage - did you see it?

then we decide how the story is!

In this case it is a pitty that we cannot see what the goldens are thinking : maybe the left one is hungry . I also love crabs....and the story , many thanks ! ooo, I have to eat something !


Lela - you are right!! They have!! Thanks so very much!!

She isn't their hostess, she is just there - and she doesn't want them!! Thanks so very much Varda!!

Yes, gerdje, she has cooked for HERSELF!! - and she doesn't want to share!! Crabs are her favourite dish!! Thanks so very much!!

Plumpossum : yes yes yes...4 man have fun ...1 woman has cooked ...and waited ...


Isn't it bad manners to make fun of your hostess?


Hee-Hee!.......The trolls have a sense of humour!.....


They all think she is funny really, and it makes her even more angry!! Thanks so very much Sandy!!


Atleast there is laughter and no fear. Thanks Hanne.


No, the one on the couch just thinks that it's awfully funny! About the surroundings: as we have very little chances to visit a real trollfamily we must use what we have to give them a good home. So they've got a forest worker's koja to live, and they seem to be very content!! Thanks so very much Ardy!!


I suppose there is at least one unwelcoming one in every group. Is that a baby over in the corner? This reminds me of the inside of the living quarters you were showing last year where families lived while hunting. Thanks Hanne & Bent.