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Reading MA farmers market

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good to be able to find fresh produce, the vegetables taste so much more like they are supposed to


Supermarket here is awesome; one farmer brings in all kinds of organic veggies which I find much cheaper than the local stores. Bet this one in Reading is pretty special; thanks, Noggin.


I just love poking around at markets, the farmers ones have cheese and preserves and if we are lucky some kind of bakery nom. Last one I went to was in Scotland and was rubbish, I think they all called in at some el cheapo supermarket to buy their stock on the way there. I know the 'fresh' egg man did. Best thing about it was the home made beefburgers, and it was at a Castle which made a nice day out. I stopped going to the local ones as it is so busy and not much fun in a wheel chair as you can't get near enough to see anything, it's all above eye level


Great picture/fun puzzle. I see Noggin waiting in the shade for some scraps??? This is held every Tues afternoon in the summer. It's next to the train station so they get many commuters going to or coming home from Boston (or wherever). I taken the train to Boston many times but apparently, never on a Tuesday. And I have ''never'' been to it but will go just to check it out. Many thanks again June!! :)))
(time, 4:50)


Hi Libby and Jen, I put these up because it is near where Joyce cakes lives


Bag us some sausages while you're there Noggin.


Morning Noggin! ;-)))