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Orbs over Driftwood

54 pieces
251 solves
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You are so welcome, dear one! I'm so glad you enjoy them as you do! ..... :-)))


Thanks for the orbs, good buddy.... Always wonderful, always fun.... Right fitting for this time of year.... :) :)


Jo, what heartfelt words! Those poor people who lived along the east coast. Two years after our tornado outbreak, people were still without homes. There was just so much damage to take care of that the wait could not be helped. I feel for those in New Jersey and New York, their numbers are much, much, larger. The incident last week; yes, God help,us all.


Sandy did a lot of devastating damage all along the East Coast. I live inland to LBI, (Long Beach Island), I live about 5 blocks from where the homes with lagoons start. They were all evacuated. My neighborhood wasn't, but I went to stay with relatives a hour more inland. We did lose power for a few days, but otherwise nothing to speak of. The water rose in the lagoons to cause much water damage in the homes, so much so a lot of homeowners were forbidden to occupy them. So devastating to ride by a week or more later and see the clean up piled curb side! Sheetrock, carpet, furniture, all had become trash. As soon as they could, big dump trucks and workers came with backhoes, and started to fill them up with the "trash". On the Island it was much, much worse!! Sand filled the streets, and inside homes. Boats floated from peoples yards, (where they had been up on their trailers, or on blocks for the winter), to end up across the street, or maybe a few blocks away!! The t.v. showed some wedged between buildings, those still in the water before the storm fared much worse. A lot of people we know still aren't back into their homes. The work continues. Mother Nature is wonderful, and then she can throw a horrible tantrum ! Alot of us have survivor guilt when we talk to those who have lost sooo much. And then there is the horror that happened to all those children and adults last week. God have mercy on them, their families, and the survivors. Peace be with the world and all in it, please God. Love to you and yours dear Jill. Time for bed, lots to do tomorrow!! :)


EST zone for both Tennesse and Jekyll Island. I'm glad you enjoyed these orbs! I hope Sandy avoided where you live, my friend!!


The beautiful orbs certainly add some much needed color to the bleached out driftwood!! Thanks for the fun Jill!! :) p.s. timezone, EST, New Jersey


Thanks, PJ. I'm glad you enjoyed the carefree design!


Jill - this was such a fun puzzle, love the carefree design.