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Hooray we are open 7 days young

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Our eyes begin to open. They are narrow slits. We have already grown.

See also the last 3 days of my puzzles for more information about this puppies.
My friends in Heerenveen have a litter of puppies. I can show you these pictures. Three females and one male were born on February 1, 2013.


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And still so small.


They look so cosy together! I love their sweet little noses!


Thanks Madpol, they are very sweet. I'm glad you like the puzzle.


Ze zijn inderdaad heel erg lief! Leuke puzzel, ook. Bedankt!


Hi talia2 I'm glad you like them, they are so sweet, thanks for dropping in.


What lovely nice puppies. I like them. Thanks


Thanks Patti, Suzy, Cathy, Rockingrannybee, Mimi and Graciela. Yes they are very sweet. I asked my friend how long it takes before the eyes are completely open. She says mostly in two weeks. These four are very quick with already having slits in seven days.
Graciela I'm glad to see you. How bad is your snow?


I would love to adopt all all them Ank! they are so sweet! thanks


They are all precious Ank. This is such a fun series! Thanks to you and your friend!

Glad their little eyes are opening, because there's a whole big wide world out there just waiting for them to explore and learn. Should be fun to watch!!


A really sweet picture! Thank you!




Awww, so precious! Thank you, Ank!


Ah Faye, but there are 4 adult dogs in the house, Dad and three ladies. So babysitters enough. lol


Precious little bundles! I can hardly wait 'til all four of them start running around in four different directions. :DDD


I'm sure it is.


Just soo sweet!! Thankyou for this series, it will be fun to follow them as they grow!! :)


Oh yes they do, we will see them growing up, I never saw that this way. Normaly you see the pup when you are going to take her, but then they are already 8 weeks. My first pup I have seen when she was 16 days, and then again when she was 8.5 week. The breeder said, you will not recognize her. But fun, I did. The pups were there and I said, she is. They were amazed.


They just get cuter and cuter, Ank! Thanks!


Thanks girls, lovely they are. Ardy they are not really open, just narrow splits, it goes very slow. Monica she told me she had your mail, I think she already did answer by now.


Adorable little pups. Thanks for sharing Ank.


They ARE irresistable!! Thanks so very much Ank!!


So sweet. I thought their eyes didn't open this soon. I have in my mind that it is 21 days before their eyes open. But I have never been around a newborn puppy. Thanks, Ank.


Hi Ank, I found a good video, I do not know if I let go it goes ?


My dear friend Ank, thank you ever so much for the info on your friends! I very much understand that we are not allowed to do this on the jigidi site so I have emailed them to let them know that we are interested in purchasing one of their female puppies, so I guess we just wait from here on til we hear from them! Thanks so much Ank, I sure hope it works out and we are able to get one of these lovely little darlings into our family! By the way, I love this pic of them too, it's a very nice closeup of them all...Your pal Monica


Hi friends, you just have to like this little cuties. They are very sweet. It will be nice to see them grow. Hi Denise, nice to see you.


Cute cute Adorable!! Wonderful seeing them change a little evey day. Thanks Ank:-)hug


They are so gorgeous, and the change in them is amazing! Thank your friend for letting us see the puppies development - like Micky, they are acquiring a big fan club I think!


Wow Ank! These little guys are really so adorable! Thanks so much for posting them!...Gary


Good morning my injured Ank, puppies are wonderful, they grow before your eyes, have a single mistake, they grow too fast, man enough to really enjoy it. Thanks for the smile, greeting and hugging also for Micky :-)))


Sweet. It will be nice to watch them grow as you post more puzzles (Please?)