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Max on his garden

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46 solves
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Thank you so much Nicky, knuffels :-)))


A lovely picture of Max. It has been hot here too!


Meow. Thank you so much for your lovely comments Uncle Nev, Aunties Marlene, Ardy, Lynn, Edie and Ank.
I love your comments ♥ . The garden is large and I have many responsibilities. When I check it all, I have to catch mice and then I am very tired. Meow, purrr♥. Max
Greetings and hugs from my mom Jana


Aw, inspection of the garden, no weed of course.☺ Very nice photo sestricka, your garden looks nice. Have a beautiful rest of the day and a great evening. Many hugs♥♥♥


Did you hear something moving in the flowers Max. I'm sure you'll take care of it quickly. Hugs Jana :-))


Max, did you find a weed? Your garden looks lovely, Jana. Hugs :)


Max is checking that there are no unwanted invaders. He's keeping his home safe for all. Good boy, Max. Thanks, Jana. Hugs :-)))


HELLO MAX MY DARLING BOY, Having a BIG Clean Up. Looks As If You Have Been Busy In YOUR Garden, and It's Looking Great. Well Done. [[MEOWS]] Thanks For All The BIG HUGS & KISSES You Send Me. I Love Getting Them. EXTRA BIG CUDDLES And LOTS of LOVE To YOU MAX==MICI==FERDA==DEXTER==ERIC;;; AJA==LAURA==KRYSTOF;;; MUCH LOVE to My DEAR FRIEND JANA==DAD==ANDREA==CRAIG==ALENKA . Sweet Dreams. Auntie Marlene. X X X X.


Always in charge of the plants and shrubs. What a champion!!!