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Burchall's Cove, Bermuda - Large

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This is a small cove where mostly fishermen moor their boats. The house you see was built by a local couple years ago who live above. Down below is a studio apartment on the left, 'garage' for their boat next and then two large apartment on the right. The rents help to pay the mortgage. Many Bermudians built large houses with one or two or more apartments rented out. This is how many were able to buy their 'piece of the rock!' Others build a house and rent it out for a number of years to executives and then move in themselves after the mortgage comes down.
What about me you say?! Well we built on to my parents house, easier and cheaper! Jenny works and I cook a bit and play jigidi........That's why I'm a big baby and mummy's boy!!!!!!!!!!!


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Really Carol? My mates say I am a real pain!!! Thanks.


Robbie you are such fun!


Not me, but Jenny has two and two granchildren.


Do you and Jenny have children of your own?


Hi Celeste, thanks.

I know what you mean Kari, a European trip for us is very tiring and scary now. Wish I could drive instead!! Thanks.

Glad you liked it PK, would be great to meet, thanks.

Jenny can't sit still for long Monica and she loves looking after little children. I'll do it for her, thanks.

Yes Hanne, I agree, thanks.

Hee-Hee, can't you tell GS?! Thanks.

Glad you're enjoying it oddio, thanks mate.


A fine puzzle, Robbie, and interesting insight to some of the lifestyle there.


Great puzzle and interesting info Robbie; you forgot to say you are a big joker too - not sure I believe that last bit!


So that's how it works!! Thanks so very much for your information, Robbie, indeed I would like to live in MY house if I built one!!


Absolutely beautiful Robbie! Just a good ol' momma's boy huh! Must be sooooo nice for you, so why is Jenny not staying home and playing on jigidi with you, is she not a puzzle nut like the rest of us? Slaving at a job can't possibly be more exciting than putting puzzles together and having great conversations with good friends all day!


Great size thanks Robbie.... Someday I might get to see You and Jenny...

If it wasn't for the long flight to Bermuda, I'd be tempted to rent here for a couple of weeks. Looks to be a lovely place. Thanks Robbie! :-))


Very cool Robbie :)


Hi Jana, Jenny would clean your windows, she is good at that!! Thanks.

Hi Denise, my mates say I am.......So what?!...........Mind you she has not called me "Her Rosebud" for quite some time, I think Jenny has taken my spot!! Thanks.

Yes sure does gnt. I know the family all work very hard and keep it looking nice, thanks.

Yes I bet you could gem!!!! Thanks.


I could live there! QED :)))


Looks like a great place and way to live


Beautiful picture Robbie, :-)) Are you a little mummy's boy Awwww. Thanks for posting:-))


Hi Robbie :-))) Thanks for the story, again, I learned something new. The house is gorgeous, but I would not want it myself clean and wash the windows :-)))))