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Five Friday Flowers in Forty some pieces

42 pieces
209 solves
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Suzanne, I made a few very minor alterations and will probably post it today, but not in a huge size....just larger than the one you requested. :-)
And thank you, I'm feeling a thousand times better....but very sleepy all the time.


No worries about the larger puzzle, Wendy. Just glad to see you back on board. Hope your feeling better and can continue to create those wonderful puzzles of yours : )


PJ, I'm so glad you smiled throughout your solving. If it had taken you hours to solve, just think, you'd have smiled for a few hours straight. LOL

Ardy, exactly what I thought when I figured out what to call it! ;-)

Thank you, Suzanne- and I'll have to check shortly and see what new beauties you've created. I know you had asked me before I got really sick, to post one of my puzzles in a larger size. I was going to post it but because I don't think it's suited for a much larger size, I'm hesitant to do it. Maybe I'll change my mind though. LOL

whatnauts, your Wonderful Words are alWays Wise.

And you're so fine too, Ms. Mary. :-)


Oh, doing the Five FINE Friday Flower Dance! It's SOOOOO fine! LOL Thanks, Wendy!


The Friday five flowers are very fine!


Glad to see your puzzles again, Wendy! I missed your lovely flowers.


Wonderful, Wendy. Love this. Too bad it wouldn't jig in 44 pieces!!! Thank you. So nice to have you back.


Oh, Wendy - your flowers are back. I'm so delighted. I like the happy design, and the fun colors, and the fine f-title! I was smiling throughout the solving.