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Fall Is Still Going Strong!

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Why, thanks, Celeste and pumpkin! I can't get enough of the gorgeous fall colors! I'll let you know if I rake as i go along, Morris. Makes sense.


Such nice color, close up.


Great detail Laurajane :)


You are lucky that your city is good about picking up. Mine is not very good about it.


I shall definitely reconsider, Morris. I raked the other day and the city already picked up the leaves. They are good about that.


That is why you don't want to wait. I waited one year and we had an early season snow. Any way did not rake until Spring. Big mess and a lot of work!
Just a thought!


I have so many trees on my property that it is a bit overwhelming to rake them all up at once. But having said that, I think I may try waiting this year. I have two oak trees in the front...a shingle oak and a red oak. They are enormous, massive things. The leaves from those two trees alone could fill a truck. haha.


I think that it is easier to rake fewer leaves more often than waiting until they all come down.


I raked sweetgum leaves yesterday and put them in the ditch for the city to pick up. This evening, that part of the lawn was totally covered again, so I will wait until they all come down. What was I thinking?


Yes! Makes me happy tu see. Thanks laurajane!


Yes it is!