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Loony Lopsided Borders

42 pieces
139 solves
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Thanks so much for your input, whatnauts! I do know about the large color areas, and I'm glad you think other people would solve the large, too. I just won't post the two types in quick succession, because the colors are the same. :-)))

Thanks so much, Rosie! And that sounds like a good title for another puzzle--Bizarre and Bedazzled! :-)))


Nothing surprises coming from you only delights. Bizarre, bedazzled, just " plain" Zowwi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The loony swirl is most worthy of being classified as a swirl. I would likely solve it in a medium size because of my aversion to large areas of individual colours. There are many others who don't have the same aversion, so there would be solvers for a large size as well. The original swirl is interesting with 3 shades of each colour, and I will definitely solve that one in the large size :)))))))) Thanks for the sneak peak.


This is the one I made tonight, that I used to make the loony.


Thanks, whatnauts!

I have a question for you. Would you consider this a real swirl, meaning one that is worth working in a large size, or is it more of a novelty, the way loonies are, good enough for a small only?

I think it's pretty and interesting, but I'm not sure if it would really satisfy a swirl lover, so please don't worry about upsetting me with your answer! :-)))


A terrific explosion. Thanks, PD.


And no one mentioned the blue eyes in the cat's-eye glasses--I'm amazed! LOL! I guess the POW got to them! :-))) thanks, Lela and Wendy!


How the heck did I miss this???? It's an absolutely wonderful loony!


Oh yes, definitely a KAPOW! WHAM! BANG! puzzle..........


POW! LOL! Thanks so much, Jo, Edie, Ardy, Katie, and Janine--this is the lopsided borders puzzle put through a LOT of LunaPic fiddling, and I'm willing to bet that no one (including me!) would have known what puzzle it came from! I wasn't sure if people would think it was too strange or the colors too weird, so I'm glad that it met with your approval! :-)))


Holy amazing puzzle, Batman.

Very explosive the colors...thanks Pat.


Gorgeous colors and design! Thanks ever so much Pat!


Your center exploded into beautiful colors and designs. Thanks, Pat. It's great. But I think the borders got lost.


Well Pat, I feel like the explosion in the centre blew away the borders. Could have used a few. Need coffee before attempting this again. Lots of fun, and never boring, thanks


Crazy cool puzzle!! I really like the lavendar/pink addition, it adds to the pop of the center explosion!! Thanks for the fun! :)