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My, how the owlets have grown!

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I watched that live, octomom. In fact, I watched these owls from before day #1 of their courtship (while Roy was calling and dancing for a mate), through mating, laying, hatching and now fledging. I feel very close to these 2 Barn Owl babies.


Now you've gone and made me interrupt my searching through puzzles to find out who they are. Here's a video I found (you've probably seen it) of their first steps outside their home:

Thanks, Heidi, for enlightening me on who these fascinating creatures are. I recently read Wesley the Owl after another Jigidier recommended it to me. If you haven't read it, it's a wonderful book about a woman who is asked to take on the task of raising a four-day-old owl and it turns into a 19-year journey of a lifetime. I got it for $2 online.


This is Belle on the left at 60 days old, and Pearl on the right at 54 days old.