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What a marvelous idea - wonderful recycling of those plastic bottles. Our 'township' people make a lot of use of these but I've never thought of doing it the way you have. Brilliant! May I post this picture of yours on a self-help website?

I don't know if you use fabric softener? We use the extra large bottles to make "watering cans" - carefully puncture holes in the screw-off lid, from the inside out so that the plastic doesn't balk the flow of water. They have the built-in handle and this gives a gentle spray for seedlings etc. When you are strapped for cash & even if you're not, you have to get inventive!


What a wonderful idea to stop the grubs and other ground level plant-munchers from decimating the strawberries. And you don't have to bend down to harvest. I'm impressed!


Wonderful strawberry patch and a neat puzzle! Thank you, whiteshoes.

2 litter bottles and 1/2 in PVC pipe. bottles slip right over the PVC pipe. You can cut off the bottom of the bottles with scissors. Hang pipe from any solid structure. Can be used for any above surface plant.


White shoes, how well did the set up do? Would you be so kind as to give a little info on this patch please. Thanks.