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Who Knew???

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To preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle, visit:

Unfortunately, I was unable to access the internet from work and had to ask my lovely husband to post today's puzzles, and he didn't realise I'd prepared today's Who Knew puzzle as well as tomorrow's!! So today's puzzle wasn't posted... the preview link is
and I will make it public tomorrow instead!!

It's International Picnic Day! Today we celebrate one of the greatest ways to enjoy the summer season - an outdoor picnic with friends, family, games and activities, and delicious food.

During the Victorian era, picnics were very important social occasions. They offered the rare opportunity for young men and women to spend time together in the great outdoors. They were also quite elaborate. A picnic for twenty people might feature cold salmon, lamb, veal, chicken, ham, pigeon pie, sandwiches, fruit, a selection of cheeses, and a variety of baked goods! The modern-day picnic is much less complicated. In fact, the phrase "it's a picnic" means "it's easy."

The perfect picnic has three things: a blanket that forgives when the inevitable spill occurs, a utility tool that saves the day when you realize you forgot a bottle opener, and food that fills you up when you need it, or simply satisfies you when you don't.

To celebrate International Picnic Day, invite your friends and family to a summer picnic. Find a suitable location at a local park or field, and sit back and enjoy an al fresco meal in the company of your loved ones. Happy International Picnic Day!

If you want to know what I'm celebrating tomorrow, feel free to return to this page after 10pm (GMT - UK) when I will post a link to preview tomorrow's celebration puzzle. 142


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Gosh - I just saw your comments, Jigidi had hidden them from me when I checked earlier today!! Hopefully now we are back on track with celebrating special days!!

I'm glad you were not imagining things Ardy... it would make life very disturbing I am sure!!

Edie, your idea for picnics without any clearing up is excellent!!

Thanks Pat, it's always nice to know you enjoyed your visit :~)


Love it ...Thanks


Not sure if you could call it a picnic but we eat outside here every chance we get. Either on my patio or out by the fire pit when we have big bonfires. Kids love it and I like the fact that I don't have the mess in the house. Then we just burn our dishes and clean up is done. Thanks Mandy a fun 'who knew'


Can't imagine what difference it would make, Mandy. I did go back to yesterday's puzzle and double check the preview though to make sure I wasn't imagining things. When you get old you wonder sometimes!!! LOL. What your hubby did is perfectly logical and won't cause any disruption of anything.


Thanks Willy - some of my best picnic's have been impromptu! LOL

I did once have a swiss army knife Magda... I don't know what happened to it!! It was a very useful tool and perfect for picnics!!

Ardy - there was a bit of a hiccup today!! You noticed!! I went to work without my phone, and therefore couldn't get internet access to post my puzzles... so I phoned home and asked my lovely husband to do it for me, only because I'd already put tomorrow's Who Knew puzzle online, he posted the top 4 puzzles on my puzzles page... and then couldn't post todays!! So the link was correct with World Day to Combat Desertification today - and tomorrow's "preview puzzle" was accidentally posted today!! So sorry - I hope it won't make too much difference :~)))

Thanks Barb - I used to get very frustrated on picnics, as the children never wanted to eat any of the food I'd taken ages to prepare for them!! In the end we would picnic only after they had been to the supermarket and decided what they wanted to eat!!

It's not to darn hot here in the UK mipahollo1!! Brrr, the very thought of picnicing in winter is chilling!!! LOL


Looks like so much fun. It makes me want to go on a picnic, but it's too darn hot now in Louisiana! I'll have to wait til winter!


Fun puzzle with cute images. Love the 'teddy bears' picnic! Years since I've been on a picnic myself. Thanks, Mandy. :-)


Mandy, I'm confused. In yesterday's preview was a puzzle for World Day to Combat Desertification. Yet here is this puzzle for International Picnic Day which also seems like a great idea for those who like to eat outside with insects etc. (I'm not a huge fan of outdoor eating although I do it at times.) Great information and great puzzle for both. So enjoy whatever day we are celebrating today. Hugs.


Buy a Swiss knife for emergency on picnics! Might as well do a bit of marketing! LOL. Thanks for the info, but Monday is not ideal for a picnic. We are planning one for next weekend, if the weather lasts. Thank you mandy.


Thank you Mandy for the info, we picnic when we are cycling, not with a blanket or so just a little one but it is fun.
Willy. :-)