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Prestice barokní kostel for Ank

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Baroque church in Prestice was built between 1750 - 1775 on the foundations of a Gothic castle from the 1245th
It's from my house, a distance of 5 km east direction, I can see it from the gate on our property.


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Jan, I love seeing photo's from where you live, thanks. Do not worry about your English, I only know English where you probably know many more languages, way ahead of me. Thanks for giving the history with the photo's.


I'm glad you like structures in my area, I asked Ank if i can adopt she as my sister, I ask you also, if I can adopt you too Denise? also with dogs and cats. Brother Jens I adopted 7 years ago, I would have a lovely big family :-)))


Thank you Michele, I'm glad you like the church, I embrace both your beloved dog girls


Thank you Ank, built on a hill and is visible from all sides far, I'm glad you like it :-))


This is a wonderful Church. The colour is so nice. Thank you my friend :-)


Jana, this is a beautiful structure and I thank you for sharing with us. We get to be world travelers with our Jigidi friends and see places that we might never get to enjoy otherwise. *hugs* to you

(and the puppies, of course!)


Wow spectacular, all that red. Very nice Jana. Thanks.