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pile of stones pushed over the ravine, went back on Saturday to get pic

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Healer, most of the people involved are no longer with us, but I don't know how the public gave up on this back in 1983, just because they brought up some of the stones and put them back in the cemetary, there were so many that were bulldozed over and buried, and so many more scattered down the ravine.
despicable to say the least!


Despicable act of desecration. How do the sleep at night.


lyndee, CM madhat, check this out and this .. and this this leads the people to believe the stones were all replaced, but I saw with my own eyes, they were not!


This is why people call the media about such senseless acts. Very tragic.


What a shame! That is really sad.


That's almost 30 yrs Deb! I can't believe that nobody has done anything about it. That's heart breaking.


hi texasblue...This cemetary had its last burial in 1941, goes back to the 17 and 1800s; there could be some descendants, and we just might bring it to light....I was not living here when this happened, so I only just learned of this when I took the tour
a true disgrace!

Where did this happen? This is a terrible act. All of these people have families who mourned them, perhaps the descendants would want to know.


yes lyndee, it is very sad, and I would still like to do something about it, my girlfriend and I were shocked and horrified to say the least to know this happened in 1983 and was left that way!


yes loveydear, bases, markers, they are all very old, some, most, were just a pillar with a point for a stone, I was ashamed of the Catholic church for leaving these down there when this happened


That's very sad.


These are the tombstones you told us about yesterday?