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Underwater Rainbow..... (S) ...

35 pieces
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So glad you enjoyed this one, Willy.... Just finished your 'Geo Colors-540'... It was wonderful... I love the geometric shapes... It's the first time I ever did a 540 in under 1:30... I'll never make the board on these big ones, but I have my own little goals... Your Geo Colors was a super good puzzle... Great to have you back.... Thanks again.... :) :))) :))))


Wow, Sally, this is realy a beautiful puzzle, I love the dolphins, the lauching at us LOL, thanks alot,
Willy. :-)))))))))))))


Oh drats.... You sussed us out... And we will for sure.... :) :))))


Sounds like you two are in a witness protection program. LOL. Make sure to let me know if you do ever make it up this far north :-)))


We need to visit our money once in awhile, Suzy... Thanks for the good luck wishes... Always good to bring some money back... :) :) We've been managing to post about twice a week, glad you're enjoying them.... I'm loving your hiking pics and the banter that goes with your super photos... But I don't always leave a comment... You have so many fans who do and by the time I get there to solve them, my thoughts have frequently been expressed by the psuedo happy hikers... Thanks for letting me know you liked this one.... Happy hiking.... :) :) :)))))


Edie, dear one... Try to keep up will ya... We were Downunder, but now we're up over... On the same land mass as you and the chickens... In San Diego, CA.... When we're right side up we take a few road trips... Whenever possible starting or ending with Mesquite, Nevada... Just 30 miles south of Utah.... One of these days our road trips will take us to Canada.... We've also thought about taking the train across... The bucket list is pretty big.... Gotta move around a lot so they can't catch up with you and no moss grows on ya..... :) :))))


Much luck in Nevada, Sally!
Super puzzle you have posted here. Happy dolphins. Happy puzzle solvers.
I see you have been busy posting, so off I go to solve more!


Nevada??? I thought you were down under. Are you moving around a lot or something?


Thanks, Kirsten.... We're staying really, really busy... 90% fun and 10% work... Sometimes Jigidi gets to be hit and run... So many good friends and so many wonderful puzzles... I don't know how you do it all, especially when you're working full time... Is it the Vegemite that keeps you going or do you just not eat or sleep.... :) :))))))


Shirley, Shirley.... Such a lovely comment.... You're a treasure and a super duper friend.... :) :) :)


It wasn't easy taking pinking shears to a rainbow, the pot of gold kept getting in the way... Not to mention the leprechauns were trying to saboutage my efforts... But I got her done and managed to pocket a few coins too.... They'll come in handy when we stop in Mesquite, Nevada and play a little Pai Gow Poker.... Good fun... Glad you enjoyed it... If I get all my chores done this morning I may tackle the giant size... Relaxing colour sort no speed required.... Eh!!!.... :) :) :))))


Thank you, Barb for letting me know you like the bright... Can't help myself... :) :))))


It's an amazing world down there where you've been... Too deep for me.... I admire your courage, Snooker... :) :))))


Brilliant rainbow, Sally! Thank you. And it's good to see you back in my Jigidi. :)))


Wow, I love it sally, excellent, super duper, Thanks Mate :):)


Looks like someone's been busy with the pinking shears. I remember using those and trying to line up each cut. Good job doing that on this rainbow Sally. Looks like the dolphins are using it as a slide. Thanks, enjoyed it :-))


What a fun puzzle, Sally! Love the bright colours, thank you. :-)

Now you're talkin'! Came down to my depth on this one. Love it.


You're welcome Gogie... Glad you enjoyed this one.... :) :))

Enjoyed! Thanks! Gogie