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Winter Lake Houses

24 pieces
598 solves
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Thank you, cevas, and it's great to find out, through what you post, what weather you're getting in Vancouver!!! When my brother tells me how much snow shoveling he's had to do or how much rain he's been getting - I can tell him that I already know!!!


Thank you chookies. You always post such wonderful pictures!!


I agree with you both, Maryrob and punkin - it's quite a stunning picture! Thanks for your comments:)


A marvelous picture with the snow, red buildings, reflections and trees. You have pulled in a large number of jigidiers to solve this one, chookies! 422 solves so far!! EHA!


This is just gorgeous,thank you Chookies


I'm glad you enjoyed it, Jacques, thanks for dropping by:)


look at the beauty of this picture!
just gorgeous chook!


Good evening, Ank! Yes, it's wonderful to see all their snow photos they've been posting. It all looks like hard work to me though especially with all that shoveling ahead of them!! As you know, I tried to shovel chickies roof and look what happened!!! I've now taken to building snowmen. Less strenuous and a lot of fun too!!

Have a good evening, Ank, and I'll see you in the morning - have a peaceful sleep, my friend!!


Wow beautiful. Good morning Chook. Is it very warm? A lot of American friends have snow now. We have about 10 degrees and a lot of sun today. Strange. A lot of European places are much too warm at the moment. have a great day my friend.