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Swirl-A-Loon (Smaller)

49 pieces
140 solves
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Thanks so much, Barb, Katie, and Ardy--this was a swirl I just made the other day, but haven't posted, and decided to play around with on LunaPic. I usually then post the result only in the small size, but I thought this one might be a fun change for the people who do the medium and large, so I stretched it and posted it in three sizes. My usual swirls don't have any zigzag edges, and they certainly don't have any odd shapes outside of them, so I hope the folks who solve those sizes enjoy it, too. :-)))


Wow, Pat. You're batting 1000 today with these delightful puzzles. Love this one too. Thanks so much. Love to watch and see what you'll come up with next.


Fun puzzle Pat! I like the ring of water.


A loony swirl .... love it, Pat. You're very creative. :-)