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Diane, you are a true DELIGHT!!!!!! You have a wonderful way of bringing a big smile to my face!!!!!!! Thank YOU my dear :-)))))))))))))))

What a surprise this was as I scanned through all the puzzles,immediately I knew I wanted to solve it. Then I looked at the person who designed and lo and behold,it was YOU ! I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN! thank you. DIANE FROM NEW JERSEY


Gail, I will do my very very best at trying to remember LOL :-))))))))


And everyone calls me Gail, Kathy.


Well Mimi it shall be then :-)


Everybody calls me Mimi.


You guys are way way way too nice to me!!!!!! Your comments below have definitely brought a soothing radiant smile to my face with a blush!!!!! :-) I so appreciate your very very nice comments and thoughts!!!! It is a delight to create something and have other people enjoy it too!!!!

I haven't tried the zooming effect yet, but will definitely give it a spin LOL For a lack of a better title, Breezy came to mind because of the "fan" in the center. "Electric" would have suited it finer LOL

You guys really know how to bring about smiles!!!!! :-))))))))))))))))))

Thank you Kirsten, Mandy, Mipahollo, Lindaisling, Roerick, Octomom, Foxymoron and Warbler for being sweethearts!!!!

After the support that I received from the puppy story, I knew that I just had to support the site and I reached for a star. This site is well worth supporting. It is a delight to have stumbled my way onto here :-))))))))))


Hey! I just tried warbler's zooming technique and it's remarkable to watch it really move! Wow!


After the puppy story, I almost forgot this is why I put you in my favorites in the first place. Awesome! Another cool thing about this one for me was, after I solved it, I found that zooming in and out on the finished puzzle caused the center part to spin


It's so breezy around these here parts that you're making new fans, Kathy :-) Love it! Thank you.


Kathy, I agree with Kirsten. It looks like a camera was set on it and just left there to pick up the motion. It's simply gorgeous. Thanks.


You never cease to amaze me. Thank you again and again.


I agree with everything so far. Thanks for sharing this "electric" puzzle. It's wonderful!


This is stunning! It's one of the best I've seen and I love this type of puzzle. I'm glad to have found you.


Kathy, this is absolutely wonderful... I love it!!! It looks like a summer lightning storm around the edges... where the green and the blue meet. Thank you so much :~)


Breezy? Surely you mean "on fire"!!! This is one of the most beautiful images I have ever seen, Kathy! I flat-out LOVE it!! The lines of light remind me of those slow exposure (or is it fast?) photos of car lights at night. It's fantastic!! Thanks so much. :)))))))))))))))))))))))