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Water for Ann :-)

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Ooops! I said "your iris" sorry. I meant 'your LILY". A lot of my different bulbs are up now in this false Spring. I hope they will be okay when we have more really cold weather..........


Hi Sissel! I hope you meant this lovely puzzle picture for me because if you did not I'm stealing it! If you meant it for another 'Ann' I apologize to her---but I'm not giving it back! ;-) We can share! It has lots of water & even a bird house---did you know I collect & paint them? I just last night posted my latest. It is for nesting, though, and not for garden decoration.
Anyhow, thanks, Sis. How is my oak tree doing? I expect your iris will be up soon...............


nice picture Sissel!


very nice. love it.