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Name those birds!

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How many birds can you find and name in this photo?


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I see three birds, very nice photo, thanks Angel

Not bad, Monica. You found all three, including the Downy kind of hiding at the back of the peanut feeder. Chickiemama, quick as a bunny, spotted and named them all. The goldfinch is just starting to change back into his summer color. The wren loves mealworms, but is settling for peanut bits, broken by the bigger birds. What birds do you have in Henderson, NV.


I see two birds, one on each side of the feeder, and then the other one is off to the left waiting for his turn to eat! What they are, I have no clue, as we don't get those kinds of birds here in Vegas! Well, how did I do Angel?

Naw, chickie. Let them look for the third one. I almost missed him when I was cropping the photo, and I am used to seeing him hanging out. I just wish the focus was sharper. I have a sunset I am saving for you. Maybe tomorrow.


I would be glad to take it off for now. :)

chickie, you are not only fast, but observant and accurate! It flips me out that so many kinds of birds will hang on each side of that feeder, or wait for another to get full and move on. I've had a lot of fun out of 3 sticks of wood, a strip of hardware cloth and some staples.

roseheather, they won't know unless they scroll down and check the answers.

Thanks to both of you for checking it out.


Goldfinch, Downy and Carolina Wren.


I see three which are frequent visitors to my feeder, but IF I name them right now then would it spoil it for others?

PF, RBN, and DW ; )