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Alexandra's fish

35 pieces
91 solves
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by the 9-yr-old daughter of one of my nieces


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I love it! Thanks for sharing.

Way to go, Alexandra . . great job on this awesome fish; and I love all the different shades of blue on your painting! I hope you keep going with your art work, it's a fun hobby, isn't it?

Uncle Oddio: thanks for sharing this, right now on our fridge there are drawings of the 2 bunnies that my 6 year old grandson owns, how fun! :))


All three sisters agree!


Uncle Festus you did good and two out of three sisters can't be wrong or at least you better not tell them that.


Wonderful puzzle. Thank you Alexandra.


Well done, Alexandra. You are very talented! I like the smaller creatures you have included in your picture. They make it complete. Good colours too!
Thank you Great Uncle Oddio for sharing this with us.


Thank you for making her picture into a puzzle, little brother! I sent it on to her so she can have fun assembling it, as well-- she will be so proud you used it! (and so is her grandma!).


She did an awesome job, didn't she?


Alexandra, your fish is terrific.... So much fun to solve this puzzle... You've got lots of artistic talent... Hope to see more of your work... Thank you very much.... :) :)

Good job, Alexandra!


I hope you framed it and put it on the wall!


...from a very talented family. Great kids, great parents. They're into all the arts.


Wow! Alexandra is a very talented young lady!


And a fine fish it is, oddio. Very nicely done, Alexandra!