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Leaping Lords at the Festival of Lights

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Battle Creek, MI -- International Festival of Lights


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David, I don't know about that. The pictures I have posted about these are from the newspaper article.

We have yet to see them, I have limited energies and have been too tired to take a trip to that city. ; ) Perhaps in the next few days we can do so.


I'm assuming that they are animated displays. Is that right?


Thank you, Jacque, and Puzzaddled.

Jacque, the photographer for the pictures for the paper was a Jessie Caron.

It does look like a series, Puzzaddled, but I just decided to show some of them.


nice shot Rose


What happy fellows...I didn't realize that you were doing a series here when I solved the first one. These type of lighting displays are so much fun to see, aren't they? Thanks, Rose...