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My Maiden Voyage (puzzlewise)

30 pieces
141 solves
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I'm f!! And you can call me Kirsten. 'Cos it's my name! LOL


I answered your question about screenshots on the puzzle you asked me about it. ;-)

That's where I was and why I forgot to sign in and now I'm just a lowly guest in top spot!!! Back to the corner.....


No, Michele, you must remain in the corner for at least an hour.

Here I is! Boy the rules sure are strict here-I'm going to go stand in the corner with gum on my nose...okay,done ;))) Thanks Random (m or f?), Ms.Jiggy and Gladstone. It's way funner solving all of your puzzles-this creating is almost akin to work!!!


What happened to Michele? And for that matter, what's happened to me? I'm sinking lower and lower.


Thank you, Pat. And here's the proof- I'm posting it before it's removed, and it will be removed shortly by Jigidi's software. I thought it was cool but sticking it into the Miscellaneous category was sure an eye-opener.

Pat, I think the reason that your puzzles do so well anyway, even though they're in the Miscellaneous category is because they're unique, very eye-catching, and you've developed a group of followers that would solve your puzzles even if you put them into a category called "Awful." ;-)

On a side note though, I have put a few other puzzles in the Miscellaneous category but they really had to go into that category. You're right about the two choices that would work best for a puzzle like Michele's (Art or Mosaics).


Thanks Michele! Great first puzzle - which I hope will be the first of many. Welcome to the club! :))))


Michele, the first puzzle is by far the hardest! You made a great puzzle! It was fun to solve and I'll bet you enjoyed making it. The starfish were a bonus for "sea creature" week. Good one. Now make some more!!! LOL


Michele, just so you know, Wendy has studied all of this very carefully, and I'm sure she's right. I really believe her. That being said, I post all of mine (except the occasional birthday card) under miscellaneous myself! But that's because I felt funny calling my early work "art", and it certainly wasn't mosaics back then, so I went with miscellaneous. But her advice is good--no one searches for miscellaneous puzzles, but lots of people do screen for mosaics or art.


Michele, I just noticed something. Here's a BIG hint for you. Don't ever post a puzzle under miscellaneous again. The lowest amount of solves I ever got on a puzzle is when I posted one under miscellaneous. So you're doing especially well considering you posted under the worse category you could have picked.


Thank you!! Great puzzle!!


Wow, what a wonderful puzzle! Congratulations!!! It really is stunning--quite a debut, I must say--and I'm so happy that you've joined us, both here and on the forum! Welcome, and we all look forward to seeing much more of and from you!!!


Michele, I missed your post! I had to solve your puzzle because I felt guilty not solving it...especially because it's a very nice puzzle and it's your very first. I hope you post lots more....even though I have to save my hand....most of the time. ;-)


Snooker, when I told you about this puzzle, I knew absolutely for sure that you were going to beat me. See, at least I can be happy and satisfied that I'm so smart. hehehe

I'll be darned-it does look like starfish-didn't realize that was the theme this week. Well-2 things off my 'Jigidi Bucket List'! Thanks, Snooker. Great time Advia. I'm honored you worked my puz, Wendy.

Oh, oh. I'm in trouble now. Sorry, Wendy. :)
Puzzle fits the theme this week - full of star fish. very nice.


No, Advia, I tried my best, really I did. I'm not good at puzzles this small but I honestly tried my best.


You must have been eating lunch while solving it, or I would not have been able to be faster.


Ms. Advia, why the heck did I tell you about this puzzle? I'm such a FOOL! hehehe

And furthermore, I told you that you've already beat me on at least three puzzles. Now I'll have to say "at least four puzzles." I hope you realize that you are no longer my best friend. hehehe


Wendy have you been drinking coffee while solving this?


Hello Michelle, I would write more but am trying to eat my bagel. LOL
Glad you joined the forum. I pop in there from time to time. BTW my daughter's name is also Michelle, with two "L's". - Ada


Michelle! I decided to solve your puzzle anyway! I figured that for you, I would do it. I used to never do a puzzle if I thought I wouldn't be at the top. And this is one of only a few I've solved in the past few months. I really enjoyed solving it. :-) And that's even though I knew I wouldn't be at the top.

Thank you, Wendy! And for all your support. I just joined the Jig Forum, too!


I'm so excited for you, azmich! This is wonderful! Personally, I love spiky things and this puzzle has lots of spikes. I'm am so GLAD you posted this. If I would be on the top ten list, I would solve it, but since I wouldn't be, I won't.

I'm thrilled for you. :-)

Thanks, Ada-I'm Michele.


yay! you finally posted a puzzle. I like it. - Ada