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Glass Flower

64 pieces
72 solves
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I'll have to try it out.


I'm using Chrome now. Love it! Recommend it!


Thanks, Kirsiten and Rob. Sparkly-arkly? I like that!

Mary, I just left you a message on my other puzzle about your freezing up, then I saw this one. I guess it's not your mouse after all. I would write to Jigidi and ask them about it. I have issues sometimes with other things, and they told me Internet Explorer 7 is not always compatible. What browser do you use? I wish I knew how to upgrade it, but I'm always afraid of downloading things.


Nice sparkly - arkly effect hear Gail - thanks.


OK, I took on a larger one, but when I solve them, why does my computer freeze up? It's happened about three times tonight! Frustrating start to a 9-day vacation when I had planned on catching up! 6:03 because of the hang-ups! Great puzzle, though! Thanks, Gail!


LOVE that red, Gail!! And isn't it funny how some puzzles demand to be solved a different way. That one insisted on being solved from the centre, instead of from the border!! Thanks for the fun. :)))