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Cupcake quilt

30 pieces
49 solves
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I pieced and appliqued this wall hanging five years ago.


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me again... before I pass out from exhaustion. Here is comment I left on my puzzle, in response to yours. Just in case you don't look at mine again.
"Use them up before you buy more??? that that's almost blasphemy! Not to mention unheard of. I repeat that mantra to myself quite often, and then ignore myself." LOL


I love cupcakes. And ice cream and chocolate Easter eggs. Wouldn't that make a strange yet delicious quilt? Hurry get sewing . . I want to see it. Just kidding. This is really really cute!
I have at least finished a few wall hangings, queen size and crib size quilts. Most of the time I just play with my fabric and hate cutting into it. If every piece of fabric I had were dollar bills . . oh my. . I wouldn't have to worry about money again.


oh this is funny. I posted a comment on my "yarn" puzzle to you! to check out my sewing room, and you already did! well gee, which came first, you looking at it or . . ??? oh my I need some aspirin now.... -Ada