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Snow Designs

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Artist Simon Beck must really love the cold weather! Along the frozen lakes of Savoie, France, he spends days plodding through the snow in raquettes (snowshoes), creating these sensational patterns of snow art. Working for 5-9 hours a day, each final piece is typically the size of three soccer fields! The geometric forms range in mathematical patterns and shapes that create stunning, sometimes 3D, designs when viewed from higher levels.
How long these magnificent geometric forms survive is completely dependent on the weather. Beck designs and redesigns the patterns as new snow falls, sometimes unable to finish a piece due to significant overnight accumulations. Interestingly enough, he said, 'The main reason for making them was because I can no longer run properly due to problems with my feet, so plodding about on level snow is the least painful way of getting exercise. Gradually, the reason has become photographing them, and I am considering buying a better camera.? Spectacular art for the sake of exercise!


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Puzz I am not on facebook but sometimes you can see photos or articles that are made public so will give that a try.


Oh, do check out his facebook page! Even more wonderful designs in his photo album plus sketches and part of an interview. What an interesting man!

You can see the amount of exercise he must get...being out in the cold with just that little bit of clothing on makes me shiver but he must work up quite the sweat while doing it!


Angel, you might have to go on this website to find out what the words stamped are.
Tangarine, and Denise... A new thing for people in the snow areas to play around with their own designs. I rather stay inside. Where is this man's jacket?


Truly stunning work , Looks like it was measured out with tools, but you say its freestyle. Quite amazing Jan . Thanks so much I love all the designs:-))


Amazing work!

Bradjan, is this a nation pastime? When I fully enlarged the worked puzzle, the rise behind this design appears to have words stamped on it. They are upside down. This photo really puts the size of his work into perspective, just look at how far he has to go to get to the edge of the pattern. Brrrrrrrr!
Thanks for the update.